Baltimore FOP Video Shows the REAL Baltimore Dems Don’t Want You to See

The Baltimore Democrats do not want to know exists.

the REal Baltimore

When the late Rep. Elijah Cummings went after Trump, the President countered by pointing out how bad his home district is.

Now, the Baltimore FOP has released a video showing the real Baltimore, the one nobody in the Democrat party wants anyone in this country to see…

Democrats Ruin Big Cities

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that Democrats are like poison for any big city.

When you look at the crime rates, poverty, cities in debt, drugs, etc. in big cities, there is a really good chance a Democrat will be in charge of the cities atop those lists.

Look at Chicago, a once-proud city that has mass shootings every weekend, even though the media does not cover them as such.

You see, when there is a mass shooting in a black neighborhood by a black man, the media only considers that to be a shooting.

Philadelphia was once one of the biggest tourist cities in this country, but Democrat leadership has turned it into a safe zone for illegals and crime and murder rates have gone up accordingly.

Dallas used to be a red city, but now it is a city with streets painted in blood.

With Democrats in charge, the city has been on a sharp decline over the last eight years with rising murder rates that rival that of cities like Chicago and Philly.

This year, the city of Dallas is on schedule to have the most murders and shootings in its entire history!

It is worth noting that in addition to having a Democrat mayor and district attorney, the current police chief is a transplant from the Detroit police force, and we all know how well Detroit is doing.

Ignoring Crime

Democrats not only want to ignore crime, but they also want to reward criminals in jail with early release programs.

Our police are so afraid of policies put in place many of them simply look away rather than risk being put in prison themselves simply for enforcing the law.

Remember all those water bomb videos that went viral over the summer in New York City?

Ten years ago, every one of those thugs would have been hauled off to jail, but that is not the case today.

Now, we have a video of young children on the streets of Baltimore, most of them with handguns, not even fearing any pushback by police.

Sadly, in that very neighborhood in the video above, a murder was committed.

This is your Baltimore, America, the real Baltimore, not the waterfront area that is open to tourists and protected heavily to protect that income.

The real Baltimore is a war zone, but Democrats will do everything in their power to prevent you from ever seeing it.  

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