Arnold Schwarzenegger is BACK, Proves How Awesome of a Republican He Is

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former California Governor made an offer to personally fund the reopening of polling places which had been closed due to supposed budget issues.

Schwarzenegger tweeted about the issue, stating: “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’m a fanatic about voting. Most people call closing polls voter suppression. Some say it is ‘budgetary.’ What if I made it easy & solved the budgetary issue? How much would it cost to reopen polling places?”

The former governor continued, saying that his question was serious, and wondering what the real reason behind the closed polling places. “Is closing polling stations about making it harder for minorities to vote, or is it because of budgets? If you say it’s because of your budget, let’s talk,” he said.

In Schwarzenegger’s tweet, he linked to a Reuters article about the closure of polling places in the south. The article discusses the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision, which may have weakened parts of the Voting Rights Act, critics say.

The article also cites the Leadership Conference on Human Rights, a civil rights group, who reported that 1,200 polling places have been closed in the south since the decision.

Along with Michelle Obama, Ann Romney, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Schwarzenegger will be appearing in a get-out-the-vote special set to air on ABC later this month.


  1. It’s great to see the “Terminator” go after the notorious Democratic Party who are desperate in conquering the United States and the enslavement of the America people. Don’t believe me? Read George Orwell’s novel of “1984” to discover the Democratic Party’s dream for America and their one party’s system with them as sole rulers.

    USAF (RET)

  2. “Awesome Republican”??? he is NOT – – simply a pandering, blathering wanna-be politician, who is NO LONGER relevant to anything!

  3. California, under the Democrat government: Poop and drug para on streets and sidewalks; unconstitutional cities created to protect illegals..also crooks, killers, rapist etc., and, of course there is no money in the budget for an established place for the citizens to vote. My my. How abou tpublic schools..public means citizens/taxpayers schools.
    I wonder if CA citizens still have a copy of the US Constitution and the California Constitution around. Some how I doubt it. It seems the last two.. maybe three, generations haven’t seen nor heard of these awesome documents of individual freedom, protection AWA The Bill of Rights.. plus limited government intrusion ..
    Too bad.. Apparently they keep them hidden from citizens living in California today.
    For one thing..your democrat (actually progressive fascist) leaders are suppose to make sure all citizens of this great country.. (who by the way pay taxes which pay those leader’s monthly checks)…of the age of 18 yeas and up have the RIGHT to vote. Your taxes paid.. should GUARANTEE your voting place!! The budget should never cut the citizens rights..if there is a cut due.. well how about the leader’s salaries. If you Californians ever have a chance to have a honest vote again …Rid yourselves of these fascist….vote GOP

  4. He wasn’t much of a governor! He caved to every socialist demand that was thrown his way! He didn’t improve the power grid. He didn’t improve the water supply! He didn’t improve land management! So he may be a good republican in someones eyes but he is no Conservative!

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Gov. in California. He was a Democrat in Republican clothing. Don’t be fooled he didn’t do a great job for California. People couldn’t wait tell he was out of office. I lived here during Arnold’s term. I still live here in HELL HOLE CALIFORNIA! CAN’T AFFORD TO MOVE! IT’S GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO MAKE ENDS MEET. PEOPLE ARE LEAVING BY THE DROVES ! YOU CAN’T HARDLY FIND A TRUCK TO RENT FOR A MOVE. TRUCKS ARE LEAVING AND NOT COMING IN. COST IS DOUBLE TO RENT! CALIFORNIA IS JUST A MESS UNDER THE DEMOCRATS THAT’S WHY IT’S HELL HOLE CALIFORNIA NOW!


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