Armed Marine ‘Wrong Store Motherf***er’ BANG BANG [VIDEO]

Metro PCS Shooting
Photo via 6ABC YouTube Video Screenshot

There is nothing like a good guy with a gun story to get your blood pumping and we have a great one for you.

Several weeks ago, in Philadelphia, a wannabe thug thought a local MetroPCS store would be easy pickings, but he ended up never walking out of the store.

Bad Decisions

A phone store should be easy enough to rob, right?

Some nerd behind the counter that is a tech geek… stick a gun in his face, bag some phones, and sell them at a discounted rate on the street.

That sounds like a great plan until you find out the “geek” behind the counter is packing and is not afraid to pull out his weapon and use it.

That scenario played out in Philadelphia when a hooded thug walked into the store, gun in hand, and tossed a bag to the counter-person demanding that he fill it up with phones.

Instead of a bag full of phones, he got a body full of lead…

Witnesses stated that they heard as many as 10 gunshots coming from the store, then the store employee ran out of the building with his gun in his hand.

The robber did not, as he was struck multiple times and ended up dying… over phones!

The clerk from the store was unwounded and the police did not file any charges against him.

Perhaps that will make the next thief think twice before taking on an “easy mark.”

And to think, if the man had waited out the election and Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren had won, he probably would have gotten a bag full of phones free!