Armed Citizen Prevents Mass Shooting: Video


One armed patriot prevented a mass shooting in the colonial commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Sunday. The Lancaster resident is being hailed as a hero and he didn’t even kill the barbaric teen Antifa® brand anarchist.

Armed citizen saves the day

Everyone knows that you can’t count on the defunded police these days, so we’re back to being vigilant citizens and taking the law into our own hands as needed.

One Lancaster, PA, Second Amendment supporter “is hailed as hero for opening fire on an armed gunman and preventing what could have been a mass shooting.”

A routine trip to Park City Center Mall was interrupted when “following an argument, a teenager opened fire.” It’s not a big deal that the young man was packing heat. The problem is his indiscriminate use of force. He’ll probably play the inevitable card and accuse the equally armed man who returned fire of being a racist.

Gun control means more than just hitting what you aim at. It also means keeping it in the holster unless your life is at stake. An exchange of opinions in the mall isn’t a good enough reason to draw.

Even back in the thrilling days of yesteryear it was considered a faux pas to throw down on an opponent unless he’s armed. Etiquette requires riling the guy up enough to reach first, then if you’re quickest, you get the last word and it’s over.


The well prepared volunteer lawman didn’t pull his weapon until after shots were fired. He was also more accurate and hit his intended target, disabling him from further combat.

Police say ‘thank you’

Local police were happy the Good Samaritan was around and ready for armed response, noting the bystander had “a legally owned gun.” Calling him a “brave citizen” they describe how he “opened fire, hitting the suspect and causing him to fall to the ground.” He wasn’t totally incapacitated and managed to find the strength to get up and run for the hills.

“The shooter has fled the building per police.” They caught up with him and took him to the emergency room.

One onlooker was impressed with the armed vigilante’s speed and precision. “I think that helped a lot. He is a good person, I think. I don’t know what he did before, but at that moment, he is the one that should be – he is a hero.”

According to police, “three men and one woman, including the 16-year-old suspect, were treated for gunshot wounds.” Two other women were “also hurt leaving the mall.” None of the injuries are considered life-threatening.

Today’s modern reality is that you need to be armed and aware of your surroundings everywhere you go. When these incidents happen, usually there isn’t a cop to be found.

As they’re defunded and fired for not getting a vaccine shot, the crime rate surges. “There are times when a law-abiding, legally armed citizen is the only way to prevent tragedy.” Heigh-yo Silver! Away!