AOC Makes Major Gaffe Subbing at Bernie Sanders Rally

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson via Creative Commons License

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Michael Moore were subbing for Bernie Sanders at an Iowa rally on Friday.

With Sanders tied up in impeachment proceedings, his two major allies took over his campaigning duties for him.

When AOC took the microphone, however, she forgot to mention Bernie Sanders’ name a single time during her stump speech.


Michael Moore took the microphone first.

Moore spewed his usual rhetoric, railing against Trump and the need to crush him on election day.

He stated, “We have to crush Donald J. Trump with the truth and with a candidate who is the opposite of Donald J. Trump.”

He then handed the event off to AOC, touting her as the “inspiration” behind Bernie’s second run at the White House.


Rather than talk about Bernie, though, it sounded more like an AOC rally.

She stated, “It is bold and it is a risk.

“We hedge our bets, we get more of the same.

“And the same has not been helping.

“So. our job right now is to come together …We’ve got ten days left, ten days (until the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 3).”

She added, “This is not just about how we win, it’s about how we heal.

“From our bodies to this land, we are going to need entirely new paradigms of public policy in order to heal.”

No once, though, did she ever actually mention Bernie Sanders by name.

That is a pretty big gaffe considering she is supposed to be there to rally people behind Sanders, not just use her own talking points to get more exposure.

Bernie better hope this impeachment gets over quickly because, with surrogates like this, his campaign is going to go down in flames.


  1. AOC is possibly the only national politician that could be talked down to by a educated teenager. Normally you’d expect a member of Congress would have some life experience that mattered. AOC is the exception that proves the rule. Kudos for her public speaking, her thought patterns, not so much.


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