Antonio Brown Fired From New England Patriots After Allegations Surface

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Cut From The Patriots As New Sexual Allegations Surface

The New England Patriots, (NEP), gave Antonio Brown his walking papers. The wide receiver Antonio Brown,31, is now officially a free agent, after the Patriots said, ‘enough is enough’.

A spokesperson for the NEP said, “We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days. But we feel that it would be best if we move forward in a different direction”. Since Brown, a native of Miami, Florida signed with the NEP on September 9th, two different women have come forward.

Both women told similar accounts of sexual assault that they say Brown committed against them. One woman, was once a trainer of Brown. She filed a civil lawsuit in a South Florida federal court, alleging that Brown raped her. The second woman, a professional artist, told ‘Sports Illustrated’ that Brown exposed himself to her while she was painting a mural in his home.

Shortly after being cut, Brown took to his Twitter account, and said, “thanks for the opportunity”. The professional artists has told authorities that Brown has tried to intimidate her out of testifying against him.

Brown Told People In The Text That The Woman Made Up The Story For Money

The artist said she received a text from Brown that included at least four other people. The text advised the other people to investigate the woman for child abuse. The text included her phone number and address and pictures of her children.

Brown told the people in the group text the women completely ‘made up the whole thing, for cash’. Antonio as of now does not seem bitter over his release, In his tweet, he included pictures of him and Tom Brady.

The pictures were from last week’s game against the Miami Dolphins where NEP won 43-0. Brown caught four passes and gained 56 yards and got a touchdown. Before the NEP announced the cut, head coach Bill Belichick walked out of a press conference on Friday.

Belichick was heard telling people he got frustrated with the non-stop questions about Brown. When the press conference started, Belichick said ‘he will not be commenting about any off field situations’. That didn’t stop the questions, and he just waved his arm,and walked out.

Antonio Brown Talked To Reporters On Thursday For The First Time Since Joining The Team

Brown joined the team with all the allegations already swirling around. Antonio answered a few questions for reporters on Thursday for the first time. He would answer only four questions but refused to address the accusations against him.

Brown has had a very rocky career, that does not include the current accusations. The stud WR was traded to the Raiders in March, after he was given his pink slip from the Pittsburg Steelers, after playing 9 seasons. He didn’t last long with the Raiders in spite of his 50 million dollar contract. Browns fights with management was notorious and constant.


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