Antifa Members Target and Pummel Black American Citizen After He Refuses to Bow Down to Their Communist Agenda…BLM Silent

blm assault trump supporter

Last week Antifa and BLM assaulted several Trump supporters on the streets of San Francisco. The victim lost his two front teeth in the attack. The story has received very little media coverage. Wonder why? Last week, patriots from an organization called Team Save America gathered at the United Nations Plaza in San Fransisco to hold a free speech rally. Members of BLM and Antifa also came out to the event in full force to shout obscenities, burn American flags and clash with police in riot gear.

BLM / Antifa Assaults Trump Supporters

You can watch the graphic video of the incident below. The mob descends upon the two Trump supporters, hurling insults until finally one of the masked attackers sucker punches Philip Anderson twice while calling him the N-word. The two men escaped by jumping a police barrier and retreating to safety. Unfortunately, Philip had his two front teeth knocked out and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.


Will the mainstream media cover this story? Will BLM march in the streets to protest this horrific display of violence? The left has been mysteriously silent about this incident. Their hypocrisy is unbelievable. In fact Philip Anderson, the victim of this heinous assault, had his Twitter account suspended after telling his story and documenting his injuries for the world to see.

I’m sure the mainstream media would be all over this story had the attackers been wearing MAGA hats. The victim would probably have an hour long interview on CNN to talk about how evil and violent those Trump supporters are.

However, since these attackers were Democrats, I suspect this incident will be swept under the rug. It doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s anti-Trump narrative.

The radical left commits incredible amounts of violence and destruction, all while complaining about Trump’s divisive rhetoric. They are full of crap, and the American people have had enough.


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