ANTIFA Members Attack Trump Supporter, Knock His Teeth in and Attempt to Stone The Patriot…Media Blackout


After Antifa sympathizing Black Lives Matter anarchists knocked the teeth out of a Black Trump Supporting free speech censorship protester, the media blackout was followed by more free speech repressing censorship. Instagram banned the victim. Facebook did too, but only “temporarily.” Twitter is expected to follow along any moment now.

You can’t call them Antifa

The social media censors in their infinite wisdom have proclaimed that “Antifa” is only a concept. That concept motivated a brutal attack against a Black organizer. Philip Anderson would be the latest BLM martyr if he wasn’t a registered Republican.

Anderson flew to San Francisco this weekend to be part of the the anti-censorship “Free Speech Rally” in San Francisco, California. He’s the one who organized the event and properly obtained a city permit.

Police were on hand, but the moment they started counting the rioters who can’t be called Antifa they got nervous and pulled the plug. The rioters were quick to physically attack Anderson on camera, knocking out his teeth. They peacefully beat up a cop and broke the leg of another Trump supporter before the tear gas started flying.

“I love America, I love this country and I love free speech,” Anderson declared as they loaded him into the ambulance. Later, from his hospital bed, he had a pointed question for Joe Biden. You said that Antifa is ‘just an idea.'” Then he indicated his injuries and notified the Democrat, “this is what the ‘idea’ you’re talking about, Antifa, did to me. I’m at the hospital right now, Joe Biden, because of Antifa.”


The next BLM Martyr – NOT!

Things got even worse the next day. It’s “so crazy” Anderson explained on social media. “I’m an actual victim.” If he were a registered Democrat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook “would be boosting me.” he insists. “I’d be the next Black Lives Matter martyr.

Black man gets sent to the hospital, gets sucker punched two times in the mouth. Gets his teeth knocked out.” Guess what. “just because I’m a republican you want to know what happens? They immediately ban me.” He shouldn’t have mentioned Antifa.

“They knock out my front teeth and then they ban me on instagram and then they put me on a ban on Facebook temporarily.” Those who defend Antifa are upset because the Black Republican has “50,000 followers on there.”

He isn’t happy about it. “It’s unfair. I’m the victim obviously. Why are you banning me, I didn’t do anything wrong? You can’t even tell me what I did wrong and you banned me. This is why we had our free speech rally in the first place. This is why we’re protesting big tech in the first place.”

It’s wrong and everybody knows it. “We see you do this every single day. It’s a political agenda and it’s not your place to have political agendas. You’re supposed to be a neutral platform.” He points out that “I’m an American and I have the right to free speech.

I have the right to peaceful protest. Once again, you show me that you are completely against my right to free speech. You are completely against my right to peacefully protest and I’ll probably be banned off Twitter by tomorrow morning because that’s what these people do.”

Shining the light of publicity on Antifa related activities can have consequences but some, like Anderson, are prepared to fight on anyway. “These people believe that you’re slaves, complete slaves. They don’t believe that you have the right to be heard, they don’t believe that you have the right to be seen. You can only be heard, you can only be seen by other people if you say and do what they want you to do.”


  1. wow…just WOW…police ( I saw about 4 of them in this clip) abandons ship as soon as they see how many antifa are…then they BAN HIM, are you f’ing serious?

  2. Stupid, ridiculous, jerks, assholes, POS, Atifa sucks big time! So many other words I could say & go on & on. What makes these people so ignorant? They must have been born like that Then the guy that didn’t do anything wrong gets ban! ๐Ÿ™ WTF?

  3. An individual organizes a Free Speech Rally in the woke, tolerant city of San Francisco, CA. He is attacked by the far left Marxist group, Antifa, as recorded on video. The victim’s social media accounts were shut down because Antifa is a “concept” and his post referred to Antifa as an Just because organization. How is it that a “concept” can attack you and knock out your teeth. How much stupider can we get. Congress member, Jerry Nadler says Antifa is a “myth”. Joe Biden says it is an “idea”. And social media calls them a “concept”. How is it that the “myth”, the “idea” and the “concept” are rioting, looting, harassing and destroying our cities and attacking innocent people. What a concept? Just because social media says Antifa doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean they don’t. Wake up people! We are being scammed.


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