Antifa Leader Threatens To DOX Anyone Who Exposes His Child Abuse Crimes

Antifa Leader Threatens To DOX Anyone Who Exposes His Child Abuse Crimes

An Antifa leader has been exposed as a child abuser, and is now threatening to dox journalists who exposed his crimes to the public.

Antifa terrorist Christian Exoo, who calls himself “AntiFash Gordon” on Twitter, has sent a cease and desist letter to the “Torch Antifa Network,” ordering them to keep quiet about claims of child abuse made against him by a former housemate.

Back in April of 2021, the Torch Antifa Network issued a statement distancing themselves from Exoo.

In the statement, they cited claims from several victims that have come forward to allege that Exoo exhibited a pattern of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

The cease and desist letter from Exoo states that the Torch Antifa Network had three days after receiving the letter to “remove the false and defamatory statements from your websites and Twitter accounts. If these are not removed, I will file a lawsuit under N.Y. C.P.L.R. 215(3), and exercise my rights to collect a judgement based on any damages awarded by the court.”

“Please retain all texts, DMs chat logs (via Twitter, Signal, or other service), notes, and other documents— including but not limited to phone numbers, email addressed, names and/or identifying information of any parties involved— relating to any discussion of me,” the letter continues. “If you fail to retain and produce evidence as required in this matter, you may be sanctioned by the court for spoliation of evidence.”

Responding to the cease and desist letter, the Torch Antifa Network announced that they would be complying with Exoo’s request to remove their letter about his alleged abuse and everything related to it, citing the need to protect the Antifa members named in the letter from public identification and harm.

In a desperate attempt to dispel the abuse allegations against him, Exoo posted a ranting 87-part Twitter thread claiming that the Torch Network’s statement was part of a smear campaign against him by several former associates.

“I am publicly calling for accountability from the Torch Network members involved in the publication of this statement, and from anyone who signed. You are helping an abusive ex-girlfriend stalk me, damaging my organizing and mental health, and putting my safety at risk,” the Antifa leader said in part of the thread.