ANTIFA Disrupts MLK Rally in Seattle… Media Silent

Photo via @KatieDaviscourt Twitter Video Screenshot

The attention of the entire country was on Virginia yesterday, just waiting for violence to break out during the massive pro-Second Amendment rally that was held at the State Capitol.

For those hoping to see blood in the streets, they were sorely disappointed, however, there was something very interesting going on in Seattle the media completely ignored.

The Media Wanted Problems

When you have any type of rally, you will have extremists from both sides attending.

In this instance, the mainstream media latched onto the narrative of calling the 2A rally in Virginia a white nationalist and a white supremacist rally.

Federal authorities were watching the area carefully and they did arrest about a dozen white supremacists that were planning to attend.

That is less than 12 people out of the 20,000 or so that peacefully protested at the capitol.

Still, as far as the media was concerned, this was how they were going to sell it.

Unlike ANTIFA and liberal rallies of late, this went off without a hitch and from early reports, only one person was arrested for refusing to take off a mask.

In fact, the crowd even cleaned up their own trash after the rally…

But Then in Seattle…

On the other side of the country, there was an MLK Jr. Day celebration behind held by black Trump supporters in Seattle.

ANTIFA members showed up and tried to disrupt the rally.

Police seemed to be able to hold them at bay, but that did not stop these thugs from screaming obscenities at the police officers and the black rallygoers.

Here are just a few of the clips we found on Twitter…


Now, as we all know, if that had been a conservative group taunting minorities like that, it would have been front-page news all day yesterday and today.

Democrats would be openly railing against the behavior and demanding conservatives disavow any connection.

But, this was a liberal group shouting racist comments and taunting the police, so all we hear out of the media and Democrats are… crickets.


    • You are correct. It also shows what pussies the local and state governments are when they let and even encourage illegal acts by these commieonazi and fascist Democrat bastards, including violence and the destruction of property, and the officials do nothing. Maybe the local population should rise up and forcibly remove the ‘elected’ officials from office and run them out of the state, and then they can elect more rational and reasonable people into those jobs.

  1. Do what we do in Portland….
    1. Go to Goodwill and buy a used microwave oven.
    2. Salvage the magnetron and power supply.
    3. Set it up for remote activation.
    4. Disguise it as a wooden construction box on the sidewalk or just off the sidewalk.
    5. When antifa members walk buy turn it on. After they pass switch it off.
    6. This will expose the antifa members to microwave radiation with two possible outcomes
    A. Their internal organs will start to die but NOT right away
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