ANTIFA Destroying EVERYTHING in Their Path, Biden Team SILENT


In Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, the police were heavily outnumbered and forced to retreat, allowing separate mobs of Antifa supporting anarchists to loot and burn as they pleased. “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” they serenely chanted.

As violence broke out in two Democrat jurisdictions in the wake of Joe Biden’s installation as chief executive for Central North America, the National Guard were all busy in Washington, defending the ceremony from the deplorable patriots who stayed home in disgust. So far, the new administration is ignoring the peaceful protests and maintaining total silence.

Linked to Antifa

From their gear and patches there is no doubt that the anarchists who began attacking police and smashing windows in both Portland and Seattle were linked to Antifa. Mere hours after Biden and his puppet regime was installed into office, peace loving anarchists were smashing the windows at the Democratic Party of Oregon then they went on a looting spree inside.

Portland Police Sgt. Kevin Allen confirmed that “several protests had been scheduled in the city, and a crowd of about 150 people gathered at Revolution Hall around 2 p.m.” They soon “marched to the Democratic Party building.” After vandalizing the Democrat HQ, Alex Zielinski tweeted, the Antifa supporters headed west on 7th towards Grand, yelling “take the bridge!”

A majority of the rabble Antifa army were dressed in their standard black uniform, carrying umbrellas to shield what they were doing from surveillance cameras. Banners with messages like “We are ungovernable” and “a new world from the ashes” were spotted. Some brought weapons.

Steal an officer’s bike

Environmentally friendly police in Portland arrived on their bicycles and suddenly realized how badly outnumbered by Antifa forces they were. While police tried to confiscate a knife from one peaceful demonstrator, someone tried to steal an officer’s bicycle.

They also tried, unsuccessfully, to remove metal poles from a banner being carried so they could not be used as weapons.” They barely escaped with their lives when the crowd turned on them and chased them away. Sgt. Allen relates, “as officers disengaged, the crowd showed aggression by swarming officers and throwing objects.”

By tossing a few smoke grenades, the officers were able to “make a tactical retreat.” The Mayor’s office confirmed around 4 p.m. “that police had made three arrests of people for using crowbars” to smash windows in the Democrat office building. After leaving the scene, some “blocking a freeway on-ramp.” Meanwhile, “Dumpster fires were ignited in the area.”

As every police officer in America stood by to shoot any deplorable Trump Supporter who would dare to question election integrity, The “J20” protesters were allowed to do as they pleased without consequences. The new administration doesn’t seem to mind when Antifa and Black Lives Matter members chant “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge.” In Seattle, they managed to block traffic in the downtown area. Also, “A video shows the protesters setting a large fire in close proximity to several commuter buses.”

Independent journalist Brendon Gutenschwager tweeted images of Antifa supporters setting an American flag on fire. Gutenschwager also recorded vandalism of an Amazon Go store. windows were broken and spray painted slogans included “Guillotine Bezos.” Because it wasn’t conservatives saying it, that’s not considered “hate speech” or “incitement to violence.” Simply “peaceful protest.”


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