ANTIFA Attacks ICE and Democrats are Totally Cool With it


Democrats are terrified that deplorable Trump Supporters might revolt at the drop of an impeachment but they have no problem at all with peaceful anarchists burning Portland or Tacoma to the ground. Antifa-aligned forces squared of against ICE and all progressives have to say is “chill out, you’re warming the planet with all that anger.”

Democrats have it their way

Tear gas on the streets of Portland is just a friendly welcome from Democrats to tourists under the New World Order of things.

Peaceful protesters well supplied by agents of the Open Societies Foundation squared off against federal agents outside the local I.C.E. facility Saturday night.

Mobs of howling Democrats bearing anti-police and “Antifa messages” which totally demonized immigration enforcement took over Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington. It’s just another weekend there.

In Tacoma, units of rabble troops totaling at least 150 infantry and some light bicycle cavalry assembled at a park for further instructions. Soon the marching order was issued and they moved out through the downtown, peacefully shattering windows, while tagging their turf with spray paint along the way.

A few strategically placed barricades disrupted street traffic while someone started the obligatory dumpster fire. Fashionably dressed in Antifa black, the Democrats proudly displayed the markings of their unit command, “Antifascist Action.”

Police stood around eating donuts while “three people appeared to try to get onto the roof of a building downtown.” They dropped the crullers and sprang into action as soon as weapons were spotted though. “Two were armed with a handgun and knives and were arrested. The third got away,” the police report.

Black Lives Splatter

The reason the peace loving Democrats were so upset was because a Tacoma cop didn’t stop his cruiser for a mob of rioters. He just plowed right through “a crowd of pedestrians that had gathered around him.”

Since we don’t have laws or a Constitution any more, the “several people” who were knocked to the ground, with “at least one person” run over, have nothing to complain about. Who cares if the officer did it because he “feared for his life.”

Since it was Democrats that were splattered on the windshield, there had to be a protest. You can’t blame liberals for burning trash and looting businesses. Whether they are breaking laws or not doesn’t matter, you simply aren’t allowed to blame them for anything.

Joe Biden is in the White House now which means laws are whatever progressives say they are. If you vote blue, there are no rules. Only those deplorable Trump Supporters will be prosecuted. Anyone who considers themselves conservative are encouraged to turn themselves in before authorities come looking.

In Portland, the target of Antifa forces was the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. The Democrats were out in full force chanting “No borders! No nations! Abolish deportations!” Yep. From now on we have open borders globalism.

Any terrorist from Tehran can stroll across the border and claim a welcome to America starter pack, free of charge. ICE agents weren’t as submissive as police. They defended their territory with tear gas. You can bet they will soon be flipping burgers for a living. Unless, that is, they get blacklisted from even menial labor for being conservative.


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