Another Democrat Leader Caught on Hot Camera… The Audacity is Mind Blowing

Another Democrat Leader Caught on Hot Camera... The Audacity is Mind Blowing

In yet another case of blatant hypocrisy, another Democrat has been caught violating their own lockdown orders.

“Rules for thee and not for me” seems to be the Democrat Party slogan. Rhode Island Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo issued strict lockdown orders for her state.

Raimondo tweeted about the lockdown a few days before she violated her own guidelines, writing: “It’s week two of our pause. I know it’s been hard, but I want to thank every Rhode Islander who’s following our guidance. Please, stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with. Together, we can turn our case numbers around.”

Though she broke no laws, Raimondo is being called out for her hypocrisy. After suggesting that people stay home to stay safe, she was caught on camera going to wine and paint night.

Another Democrat Leader Caught on Hot Camera...The Audacity is Mind Blowing

The governor was caught on camera by Erica Oliveras sitting at a table in Barnaby’s Public House in Providence without a mask.

When revealing the photos, Oliveras was quick to mention that Raimondo had just taken the mask off to drink wine, but the mask was not the reason people were angry. The fact that yet another Democrat politician has been preaching the need to stay home and fear COVID, while going out for frivolous reasons, is blatant hypocrisy.

Democrat citizens are even complaining about this, saying the governor is setting a bad example for the public.

“Shame on you Gina. She shouldn’t even be at an event like that. You can drink wine at home. I’m an experienced wine drinker Gina, do it at home,” Susan Goodman, from Providence, said.

Somehow, drinking wine and painting are essential, but going to work to earn money to feed your family is not. Democrats have shown that they don’t care about the rules for themselves, just about control over the people.

Raimondo wasn’t the first hypocrite; Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot flaunted lockdown orders to get their hair done, and California Governor Gavin Newsom ignored guidelines to go to a dinner party.


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