Daring to speak the truth, Laura Kelly of Kansas proudly turned her back on the Biden administration. In the process, she become the first Democratic governor to officially oppose the palace plot forcing vaccination shots on everyone.

Standing for truth

Democrat Governor Laura Kelly is standing up for truth, justice and the American way. These days, that’s more than Superman promises. His Imperial Wisdom Joe Biden’s controversial mandate requires most companies to ensure full employee compliance with the vaccine schedule or else proof of weekly tests at their own expense. Patrols from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be sent around to “police the mandate and ensure compliance.”

Any unvaccinated worker not wearing a mask will also earn a fine for the employer. That’s not a decision based on science, is probably unconstitutional, and her state doesn’t need it in the first place.

Nobody learned the truth of what the vaccine mandate fully entailed until OSHA finally got around to filing the paperwork. When Governor Kelly saw a copy she hit the roof.

“Yesterday, I reviewed the new vaccine mandate from the Biden Administration,” she told the press. “While I appreciate the intention to keep people safe, a goal I share, I don’t believe this directive is the correct, or the most effective, solution for Kansas.” She’ll be opting out whether the Palace likes it or not.

The truth is that the Biden mandate is too little and too late, at least for her state.


“It is too late to impose a federal standard now that we have already developed systems and strategies that are tailored for our specific needs.” What they already have up and running works just fine.

Ongoing efforts

Kelly doesn’t want to see bodies piling up in the streets any more than any other Democrat, she just recognizes the truth when she sees it, instead of drinking the Kool-Aid from the party punch bowl.

“I will seek a resolution that continues to recognize the uniqueness of our state and builds on our on-going efforts to combat a once-in-a-century crisis.” At least, one would hope a custom tailored virus would escape from an allegedly secure biowarfare lab less than once in every hundred years.

Republicans have been screaming bloody murder about the unconstitutional plot since it was first announced. When Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel got a look at the final version, she issued a statement.

Her organization knows the truth too. That’s why they’re “suing the Biden administration over the mandate,” calling it “authoritarian overreach.”

The truth is the mandate won’t stop the virus, it will stop the economy dead. “Joe Biden failed to shut down the virus as he promised — he couldn’t do his job, so now he wants you to lose yours.”

Then she really let him have it. “This mandate is yet another attack on frontline workers, first responders, small businesses, and the rights of the American people.”