Anonymous Kid Catches the Hearts of Entire Police Dept after Doing THIS

police officers department good deed kid

One simple act of kindness from a child has had a huge impact in the Clearfield Borough Police Department. Assistant chief Nathan Curry returned to the station at 3:30 Friday morning, after a long night where he says he was on calls throughout the whole night. He says he found an envelope taped to the front door of the police station.

Kid brings cheer and hope to the local police department

After opening it and finding the letter from the anonymous “good deed kid”, Curry says the long night he was having was immediately forgotten.

The note has been the talk of the department since Curry found it. Officer’s wondering who he may be? And what impact an officer may have had on him to lead to this good deed.

“We never know. It’s just, the unknown is what the great part is,” Curry said. “What impact have we had on this child?”

While the officer’s wonder what impact they have had on the kid, Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers says the impact it has had on the officer’s is huge.

police charity kid

Law enforcement is often a dangerous and thankless job

“I know how much it brightens their day and really makes the job worthwhile for them whenever they get a little recognition or thanks for the hard work that they do,” Sayers said.

Although the gift card from the kid was greatly appreciated by officer’s, they will pay it forward, and hope the good deed kid’s actions start a chain reaction of good deed’s throughout the community.

As for the note, Curry says it will be framed and hung in the hallway immediately upon entering the building. That way every officer can see it, and they are reminded every day that there is someone out there that appreciates them.

“That just gives them that reassurance that whatever we’re doing is making an impact and that there are people out there that really do care,” Curry said.


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