Announcement: Georgia Governor Gets Served

Georgia Governor Gets Served

Georgia “Republican” Governor Brian Kemp has just been served.

Audit the Election

The corruption surrounding the 2020 election in Georgia has led to calls from true conservatives for Kemp to step aside. Of course, as a typical establishment RINO, he doesn’t want to give up power. Now, he may have no choice.

A new opponent has stepped into the ring to challenge Kemp: Kandiss Taylor, a teacher and conservative mother of three children, has announced that she is running to defeat the governor in the 2022 primary.

Taylor, an outspoken critic of the corruption surrounding the 2020 election in her state, served Kemp with papers requesting an official forensic audit of ballots from the election during a campaign stump.


Kandiss Taylor’s official website states:

“I was born and raised in Baxley, Georgia. I have served this same community for the past 18 years as a public school teacher, counselor, and student services coordinator.

At my commencement ceremony, Dr. Ben Carson was my speaker, and it was that day I felt the call to run for office and serve.

After getting my feet wet this past year in 2020 with my first ever political campaign for US Senate in Georgia, I am ready to hit the ground running to be the Governor for ALL of Georgia.”

Her website also plainly states her conservative positions on a variety of key issues, including education, abortion, gun rights, farming, and election reform.

Talking about her candidacy, Taylor isn’t afraid to stick to her roots. “I’m not establishment. I’m not the incumbent governor. I’m not Vernon Jones — who, you know, switched parties and came to the Republican Party in January — who’s announced he’s running. I am a public school educator, a momma. I’m normal, just like you. I just want our rights protected. I wanna raise my family in a free country, that’s what I want,” she said in a video posted to her YouTube channel.


The Bottom Line

It’s honestly truly refreshing to see real Americans running for office. If only one positive consequence comes from Donald Trump’s presidency, let it be that outsiders replace the establishment political class.


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