Andy Biggs Sounds the Alarm on Obama Orchestrated Coup


Representative Andy Biggs has some harsh words for Barack Obama, accusing him of plotting a “coup” to overthrow his successor. “the previous administration engaged in a conspiracy,” Biggs insists, that’s why they entrapped national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The phrase of the week is coup d’état

Appearing along with outspoken Republican Jim Jordan, Biggs told Fox viewers that going on in Obama’s White House was a clear conspiracy. “Those three weeks in January tell us everything, and the president is exactly right,” Jordan confirmed. “If it can happen to him, imagine what they can do to you, to Andy, to me, and more importantly, to any American citizen. That’s why this is so darn wrong.”

The “illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction” is called a “coup d’état.” That’s exactly what happened following the presidential election in November of 2016. “This really was a conspiracy to do something that we’ve not seen in American history, and that was to actually perform a coup,” Arizona Republican Biggs insists.

It doesn’t get any more obvious, he declares. “I mean, you can’t get to it any more succinctly than that. This was an attempt to undermine the election of the people. That’s a coup. And they were abusing their power, abusing the process, and they were — yeah, they were using the media.”

Obama was the mastermind

As more and more evidence is piling up, Barack Obama seems to be the mastermind behind the whole scheme. Jordan is convinced that Obama was personally responsible “for a coordinated effort to inhibit Trump.” Biggs agrees, confirming, “the evidence does point to coming right out of the top from President Obama on down.”

As a critical step in the coup plot, former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was entrapped into lying to the FBI. Trump’s first national security adviser was targeted by Robert Mueller’s inquisition because he was overheard talking to the United States Ambassador to Russia. He told Sergey Kislyak not to worry about the sanctions Obama laid down related to the non-existent collusion.


When Sally Yates went to Mike Pence and told him that Flynn might get blackmailed, without telling Pence she was blackmailing Flynn, the Vice President asked him about it. Flynn swore up and down that he never “promised” the Russian’s anything. According to the FBI, hinting that the sanctions may someday, on their own, go away was enough of a lie to send him to prison for. They tried real hard to do it.

He was exonerated last week when FBI notes surfaced proving he was totally set up. More documents followed close behind that show Obama officials scrambling to throw each other under the bus while they all say Obama knew all about the failed coup attempt. Barack Obama is so nervous doesn’t even like to see a necktie.


  1. When anti-Trump members of high level government agencies say they have ‘an insurance policy’ against Trump, right there is the biggest smoking gun imaginable.


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