Andrew McCabe Slithers Out of the Swamp to Say THIS


CNN guest commentator Andrew McCabe slithered up out of the swamp to warn liberals about the dangerous insurrection planned by deplorable Trump supporters later this month. He’s terrified that law enforcement will drop the ball again, the way they did on January 6.

McCabe seriously spooked

Even though Monday was a holiday, the man who allegedly ran the FBI for a while, Andrew McCabe, oozed in front of the CNN cameras to help scare liberals into setting the security fences back up around the Capitol. He’s allegedly one of the “Obamagate” conspirators who spied on Once and Future President Donald Trump, then attempted to remove him from office.

On his resume he calls himself former Deputy Director and Acting Director of the FBI. Now he appears on camera for CNN any time they need his face and name to endorse something. This time, they’re on over-drive to hype how dangerous the upcoming “Justice for J6” rally will be.

“I think they should take it very seriously. In fact, they should take it more seriously than they took the same sort of intelligence that they likely saw on January 5.” Conservatives think that goes a long way toward an admission that McCabe knew things that the rest of the bureau didn’t about what went on behind the scenes that day.

It “looks like,” he observes, “from all indications, our law enforcement partners are well prepared for this one. They seem to be taking the intelligence very seriously, which raises a question as to whether or not they did on January 6, but that’s another issue.”

The justice rally was planned by Look Ahead America, considered by McCabe to be a domestic terror hate group because it was founded by Matt Braynard “who once worked for former President Donald Trump’s campaign and has said he was inspired by Trump to create the nonprofit.”

It’s scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. on September 18, which is a Saturday. That means Congress will not be in session that day. The left is panicking anyway.


Political prisoners

Look Ahead America is simply lobbying for the “release of hundreds of people accused of committing crimes in Washington on January 6.” Many of them are nothing but political prisoners.

“We’re demanding justice for the January 6 political prisoners. We’re demanding justice for the people who had their lives destroyed by the FBI, rounding them up like terrorists, when they committed no crimes of violence or simply aggressively exercising their First Amendment rights.” McCabe doesn’t like their kind.

The organizers claim they advocate for “disaffected Americans who are ignored by both political parties and the government.” Their only goal for later this month is to raise awareness and shine the light of transparency into the dark corners of the Deep State. The kinds of places McCabe and his cronies like to hide in.

Braynard points out that more than “600 people have been charged” with a range of crimes including simply being there. “Many of those charged remain in jail pending trial, even some who aren’t accused of carrying out acts of violence.”

The reason McCabe is so terrified of the upcoming rally is because they are “demanding justice for the people who had their lives destroyed by the FBI, rounding them up like terrorists, when they committed no crimes of violence.”

Braynard makes it crystal clear, they’re “protesting the denial of bail, the denial of medical care, the denial of access to attorneys to nonviolent protesters who have still been held by the federal government now going on nine months.” Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace is so terrified they’re hoping to get the barricade fences back up. The National Guard already told them they won’t be standing any special duty as Palace Guard until they get paid for the last time.