Amy Coney Barrett Feeds Democrats Their Lunch…Amazing Display of Skill


As the confirmation hearings drag on, Judge Amy Coney Barrett leaves Democrats looking like fools after they constantly attack her.

Democrats Lash Out

The Supreme Court nominee faced insanely inappropriate questions from Senate Democrats and some of the attacks happened in from of her children.

One instance includes when Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono asked Barrett in front of her children if she ever engaged in sexual assault against someone.

The Democrats did not back down with their anger over justice by a Republican Senate in an election year. This is not the first time this happened. There have been 19 times where a seat became vacant in an election year, and 17 of those times resulted in a judicial confirmation.

Barrett Keeps Her Cool

Despite a barrage of slander from leftist 48-year-old Barrett held her own and managed to dispel the Democrat over and over again.

When it came to her two adopted children from Haiti, she responding to Sen. John Kennedy about the issue.

“Senator Kennedy, it was the risk of people saying things like that, which would be so hurtful to my family, that when I told Senator Graham this morning that my husband and I really had to weigh the cost of this, it was saying deeply offensive and hurtful things, things that are not only hurtful to me, but are hurtful to my children, who are my children, who we love, and who we brought into our home and made part of our family,” Barrett said. “And accusations like that are cruel.”

In current society, many on the left disregard the constitution and some have even stunted to abolish it altogether.

Clinging to the Constitution

Barrett is a constitutional originalist and she explained her judicial philosophy.

“Because I think that both statues and the Constitution are law,” Barrett said. “They derive their democratic legitimacy from the fact that they have been enacted in the case of statutes by the people’s representatives, or in the case of the Constitution through the Constitution-making process and I, as a judge, have an obligation to respect and enforce only that law that the people themselves have embraced.”

“As I was saying earlier, it’s not the law of Amy, it’s the law of the American people,” Barrett continued. “And I think originalism and textualism, to me, boil down to that, to a commitment to the rule of law to not disturbing or changing or updating or adjusting in line with my own policy preferences what that law requires.”

Perhaps the greatest moment for the judge was when she was asked to show her notes she was using. Barrett held up a blank notepad showing she did not rely on notes to answer the many questions she endured.


  1. Maizie is just pissed someone smacked her in the face with an iron skillet. She really is a waste of space, and oxygen. If that’s the best Hawaii has to offer, they need to ask to just be an Island and not a state. Judge Barrett took those ignorant ,pathetic, aholes to the wood shed. They sat there with pages of research, to “gotcha ” her. She sat there with a plain pad of paper, a bottle of water, and kicked their dumb asses. Cool, calm, pleasant, attractive, kind and smarter than all of those dolts put together. That rude, abrasive hag Klobasher > She really wanted her 30 painful minutes to “get ” Judge Barrett make her look forceful. Judge Barrett decapitated her an she didn’t know it happened till it was all said and done. Welcome to the SCOTUS Barrett. We are so glad to have there.

  2. Democraps do not want her on the Court because it will STOP their cheating Pedo Joe and the Ho into a win. Pedo Joe won’t be in the White House but Nutsy has already done the work to get rid of Pedo Joe if they get to cheat their ticket to a win. Democraps want the Ho in office to brag that they put the first woman in the White House as President.

  3. How could she have notes to answer the questions, UNLESS she was told what the questions were going to be, asked ahead of time (like biden had the ANSWERS on his teleprompter)?


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