Alleged Serial Killer Captured


Alleged serial killer Keith Gibson is exactly the reason why our cities need police, and why the boys in blue need every buck they can scrounge. Right now, thanks to liberals, criminals have an advantage. While the police are handcuffed by restrictions requiring them not only to follow the laws but also remain polite and non-threating at all times, common criminals do as they please. Many of them aren’t even rational. Gibson is a case in point. He’s only been detained because a quick thinking drug store clerk used his head, despite being pistol whipped.

Serial Killer behind bars

A serial killer is behind bars in Delaware awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania and accused in a string of brutal murders in both states, including the slaying of his own mother. The public is really happy he’s off the streets and they should send their appreciation to the Rite Aid clerk responsible.

Despite being pistol whipped by the cold-blooded assassin during an armed robbery, he managed to toss “a GPS tracker into the bag of money Gibson ran off with, which led police straight to the suspect,” on Tuesday night, June 8. The formal indictments were just filed.

Based on the timeline which prosecutors pieced together since his arrest, the cold blooded killer started his spree in January. Police have him linked to “a double murder in Philadelphia.” He must have been getting edgier ever since. He allegedly whacked his mother, 54-year-old Christine Gibson, in February.

In Delaware, he’s being charged with 41 felony charges for what he’s been up to in the past three weeks alone. They’re getting ready to ship him over to Pennsylvania so he can “be charged with the other murders out of Philadelphia.”

Police aren’t certain if they even know about all his crimes but they’re sure this particular killer was involved in the murder of two people, including Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts manager Christine Lugo. On June 5, 40-year-old Lugo was opening her donut shop when “Gibson allegedly took Lugo at gunpoint, stole $300 from her, and shot her in the head.”


It was a busy day in two different states for Gibson. Well, three when you consider his obviously un-treated and probably self-medicated mental state. “He then shot and killed 42-year-old Ronald Wright in Wilmington, Delaware, during a street robbery.”

Brutal nature of his crimes

Police in two states allowed Gibson’s rampage to continue as he “robbed or assaulted three more individuals in Wilmington, and even tried to murder one of them” over the next three days.

According to Wilmington Police Chief Robert J. Tracy, who issued and official statement, “The charges in this indictment reflect the brutal nature of this individual’s crimes, as well as the significant risk he posed to public safety in our community and throughout our region.” They know he’s a serial killer and they hope he was stupid enough to help them prove it.

The Wilmington Police Department “hopes” to link all of the murders to one killer. Chief Inspector Frank Vanore of the Philadelphia Police Department says he’s ready to give it a try. “We have a firearm recovered. We have some ballistic evidence, obviously, with the bullet that hit his mom. So, we’re looking to see if we can link it to him that way.” Hopefully, he only had the one weapon.

“This indictment lays out one of the most vicious, staggering crime sprees I’ve seen in my career” one official noted. “It is even more disturbing to think, based on what investigators have revealed in Pennsylvania, that this may just be the tip of the iceberg.”

It seems that Gibson must have been homesick for prison. His first murders in January weren’t long after his “release from prison in December 2020.” Imagine the shock of hitting the streets during a Christmas season overshadowed by Covid and everyone wearing masks, after being locked in a cell since 2007.

The killer just got out after “serving a 13-year sentence for manslaughter and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.” They must not have known he killed his mom when they locked him back up for violating probation. He was in a cage until April. As soon as they let him out, “Gibson allegedly shot and killed a woman during the commission of a robbery at a cell phone store in Elsmere. Leslie Ruiz-Basilio, 28, was slain, and Gibson reportedly stole her vehicle on May 15.”