All These Missing Phones from Mueller Probe, GOP Demanding Answers NOW


After six months of sitting on their thumbs, the watchdogs at the office of the inspector general finally admitted to the Senate that they “can’t find” 59 of the 96 cell phones which were issued to members of Robert Mueller’s grand inquisition team. Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley are furious. They were the ones who demanded the investigation in the first place, after they learned that “multiple top members of Mueller’s investigative team claimed to have ‘accidentally wiped’ at least 15″ of the devices used during the anti-Trump investigation.”

Where did the phones go?

Last fall, the world  learned from Deep State Rabbithole that “when investigators demanded key Obamagate conspirators to hand over their rap-rods, what they got were a bunch of bricks. It indicated that Andrew Weismann, Lisa Page and other Justice Department bigwigs are either total idiots or hiding incriminating evidence.

The official report described two popular methods favored by the Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice for rendering cell phones useless to investigators. Rather than face the embarrassment of going through that again, this time they just tossed them in a river.

Grassley and Johnson penned another nastygram to the DOJ on Monday, July 12. This time, it landed on the desk of Merrick Garland and probably won’t go any further than that.

The Senators are demanding to know why more than half of the phones are missing in action. What happened to the record preservation laws? Grand Inquisitor Mueller makes laws as he goes along.

The Federalist reports that in September 2020, Grassley and Johnson asked the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General to “probe documents” suggesting “Mueller’s team erased information from official phones.” That’s putting it mildly.

Method number one, DSR wrote, “preferred by Andrew Weismann, Greg Andre, Kyle Freeny, Rush Atkinson and ‘at least 12 other officials who’s names are redacted,’ is to put the device in ‘airplane mode,’ then ‘nuke’ it by entering the wrong password three times in a row.” Lisa Page and other officials “have unintentionally restored their phone to its factory settings, deleting all records of communication.”


Response to the request

Analysts can tell from the Monday letter that when the Senators read the report they went through the roof. Sean Davis pointed out last year that “the odds against so many useless phones are astronomical.”

It’s understandable that Johnson and Grassley would be jumping up and down. That kind of abuse is “like hitting the lotto while getting hit by lightning as Yellowstone erupts.” Now it turns out that the devices which weren’t bricked mysteriously vanished.

“Based on the OIG’s May 11, 2021 response, we understand that the Department’s Justice Management Division provided the OIG with information relating to the Special Counsel’s Office cell phone records.”

JMD admitted to OIG that 96 phones “were assigned” but “cannot account for the location” of 59 of them.

At this point, Grassley and Johnson are out for bear, tracking down “the names of SCO employees whose cell phones were not officially reviewed.” They also want to know if the “DOJ is taking action to recover” the ones that are missing. The answer to that is probably no.

They also want to know if the “JMD or any other Department entity” reviewed the units “to determine whether they were used to leak sensitive or classified information.” Wouldn’t that be interesting?