Alert: Gunman Opens Fire…Deadly and Bloody Situation

Henderson Las vegas Nevada Gunman shooting crime police

A shooting in the Henderson area of Las Vegas Nevada has left five people shot and four people dead. Among the dead is the gunman who was shot by police while responding to the scene. Residents were shocked by the sound of gunfire in this usually quiet neighborhood.

Gunman pronounced dead

Around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning emergency dispatch received a call about a shooting at The Douglas at Stonelake Cove apartment complex in Henderson. The person reportedly heard the sound of gunfire and saw “someone with a possible gunshot wound in a nearby doorway.”

Police responding to the scene discovered several people suffering from gunshot wounds. The suspected shooter was still nearby sitting in a parked car. Officers approached the vehicle and fatally shot the gunman. At a news conference, Captain Jason Kuzik of the Henderson Police Department told reporters, “Officers attempted to contact this individual, and this contact resulted in an officer-involved shooting.” All of the officers involved in the incident are safe. A fifth person was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

The Douglas at Stonelake Cove apartment complex is usually quiet, so neighbors were shocked by the violence. “I started seeing police cars, assault rifles, bulletproof vests,” one resident said. “I imagined the only thing I was going to stress about was the election.” Henderson is a suburb located 16 miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip. It’s considered a relatively safe area, but that may be changing.

henderson las vegas gunman crime shooting

Crime rising in Las Vegas

The Covid-19 lockdowns have been tough on everyone. Nevada is one state in particular that is feeling the pinch big time. The state relies heavily on the tourism and gaming industry in Las Vegas. The Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak shut down the city for several months earlier this year, causing unemployment to spike to over 33%.

The casinos reopened in June, but restrictions are still in place. No shows or conventions. Guests must wear a mask in casinos. Gaming rooms are capped at half capacity. Tables are limited to three players in order to maintain social distancing. Plexiglass barriers have been erected between players and dealers.

Tourism is still down for a variety of reasons. Some tourists are afraid of getting sick. Others are hurting financially after months of lockdowns and restrictions.

In response, casinos have slashed rates for hotel rooms in an effort to entice crowds back to the strip. The lower prices are drawing a different kind of crowd. Many people are noticing the changes, including police.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Convention Center Area Command, which includes the strip, reported a 37% increase in aggravated assaults compared to the same time last year. Assaults involving firearms climbed by more than 80% this year compared 2019.


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    Under Biden, it’ll get a lot worse.

  2. Residents were shocked by the sound of gunfire in this usually quiet neighborhood. That will be your new normal. Democrats, including Com-Allah, are bailing out criminals into your areas. Did you vote Democrat?

  3. Another excuse for leftist socialist democrats to take the guns from lawbiding citizens so they can have total control over you forever


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