ALERT: Deadly Mass Shooting Occurs During Sunday Cookout


An alleged “cookout,” which also shredded social-distancing restrictions in the mostly Black Southeast D.C. outskirts of our nation’s capital, was the scene of a deadly mass shooting on Sunday. A teenage boy is dead. A police officer struggles for his life, and 21 others were reported injured.

A deadly mass shooting

The young Black Life of 17-year-old Christopher Brown didn’t matter one bit to his equally Black killers on Sunday. An illegal gathering attended by at least one off-duty officer, who is also a victim, turned into a deadly mass shooting. Three or more gun-slinging anarchists decided to settle their differences with lead. Besides Brown, there were another 21 predominantly Black victims, or more, who suffered collateral damage.

As reported by residents of the neighborhood, everything turned into chaos when “shots rang out at the party around 12:20 a.m. in the 3300 block of Dubois Place, Southeast.” The extremely unpopular police helped firefighters transport 17-year-old shooting victim Christopher “Poppy” Brown to a nearby hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Firefighters tallied up nine other victims from the mass shooting as they toted them off to various local hospitals as well. “Other victims walked themselves to hospitals or fire stations for treatment.” Police were kept busy tagging shell casings. They “placed more than 100 evidence placards at the scene.”

An off-duty officer at the scene

Washington, D.C.’s Police Chief Peter Newsham issued a statement to reporters later Sunday morning noting that “an off-duty police officer is in critical condition after being shot at the scene as well.” It isn’t clear if he was hired as security for the event or simply an attendant at the shooting.

The chief went on to explain that based on the evidence recovered at the scene, they are convinced “there were at least three gunmen involved” in the shooting spree. He also notes that “the cookout was not permitted and hundreds of people attended.”

The incident makes clear that in liberal cities like Washington, D.C. laws are a thing of the past. The lawmakers who work there are meaningless wastes of taxpayer money because the laws they make are ignored whenever it’s convenient. We’re reduced to the anarchy of shooting our disputes out amongst ourselves because police, along with the law and order they provide, became a thing of the past in favor of progressive New World Order ideals.



  1. Wow! Mu

    Shootings in DC. Who would have thought? I wish I could say it’s shocking but it’s business as usual under the leftist leaders. If the people in these cities can’t vote for the law and order people, than they can expect more of the same. Funny how th emphasis is put on the people for not abiding by a draconian lockdown. Those shootings wouid not have happened if there were no party going on? Heck the shootings would still have occurred. I’ll say it again. Keep these useless democrats in charge nothing will change. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. That’s the problem with all these people in all the major cities. It’s called lawlessness. Lawless leaders leads to lawless populations. Can only change at the ballot box. Simply do not vote for anyone with a D before their name. That is insanity.

  2. Like I’ve stated numerous times – it is their culture, a culture born of crack, rap, violence, and death!!! Why so many of them embrace this culture is absolutely mind boggling!!!


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