ALERT: Censorship War Shuts Down Major Conservative Network


With election day drawing ever closer, the network media censorship war is raging in full swing. Conservatives are used to this kind of treatment, ever since the great Facebook “purge” of 2016 when all the conservative groups were suddenly silenced only days before the big day. This time around, a single “hit piece” article by a progressive British outlet was enough to ruin the lives of a father-son conservative publishing group and put all their employees out of work, for the crime of daring to report the TRUTH.

Censorship of anything the Democrats don’t like

Censorship is bad enough but when it’s blatantly one sided and nobody does anything about it, that’s exponentially worse. The Guardian is firmly on record supporting liberal Democrats. They claim that the company owned by Dino Porrazzo Sr. and his son Dino Junior, run “militia-promoting” websites. The Guardian says promoting the Militia like it’s something to be shunned. They are, the article accuses, “promoting the idea of an American civil war.” Promoting the idea? Or merely discussing it? Either way, it’s now forbidden. The idea is already troubling conservative Americans and censoring discussion tends to add credence that the rumors may be true. America is on the brink of a civil war and Democrats are the ones who pushed us to the edge, by trying to burn America down this summer. It wouldn’t be so bad if anyone stepped in to stop it, but nobody has and Democrats resist all help to restore law and order.

The social media censorship fact checkers keep changing the rules day-by-day in order to control the narrative and squelch disagreeing voices. In self-defense, conservative outlets are now required to couch anything remotely controversial as “opinion,” so as not to be censored into oblivion. As we just learned, that rule has been changed too. The Guardian describes how the Porrazzo’s presented material “in a way that appears to be an effort to sidestep Facebook’s fact-checking system” by calling it opinion. That’s something which simply must be done because you either totally agree with the democrats or “you’re misinformed.”

“Comments on their Facebook pages and other materials obtained by the Guardian show that some rank and file Donald Trump supporters are enthusiastically receiving the message that they should prepare for violence against their perceived political enemies in November.” Darn skippy we are. Despite all the rampant censorship, concerned patriots got a clear directive from the Commander in Chief during the first night of the presidential debate.

Right-wing websites

The Porrazzo family has been running a network of “right-wing” websites under the AFF Media banner since around 2013. They enthusiastically promote President Donald Trump. They also serve the needs of folks interested in militia groups, including the Three Percenters, by presenting the conservative versions of current events. Democrats are terrified of companies like that because George Soros can’t tell them what to write and what not to write. Instead, they resort to censorship.

The thing that scares Democrats the most is that these independent conservatives are effective and successful, which proves that conservative Americans are hungry for the information that the liberal mass media hides from them with heavy handed censorship. One of the Porrazzo Facebook pages, “Prepare to Take America Back” had 794,876 followers. The posts on just that page averaged 9,600 social media “shares” a week.

Liberal Democrats don’t want you to read the conservative slant on the facts reported in the news. Anything counter to the Democrat narrative has been deemed “conspiracy theories.” Things like “criminal allegations about Democratic party politicians, liberal celebrities and leftist protesters.” They’re really cracking down hard on “persistent claims that Hillary Clinton will be imminently arrested.” It’s funny how that becomes such a hot button issue it requires censorship just when we learned from declassified documents last week that Hillary Clinton should have been arrested in 2017. The Director of the CIA recommended criminal charges against her to the FBI for prosecution, after the CIA caught her rigging the election against President Donald Trump by colluding and conspiring with Russians. The Deep State FBI simply ignored the crimes, because they were helping to commit them. Mentioning it will get you fact checked and censored out of existence.


Censorship leading to a stolen election

Whether the news gets censored or not, Americans are honestly concerned about the chances of a stolen election this year. Democrats are convinced Republicans will steal it and vice versa. Either way, even questioning the “integrity” of the election will trigger censorship. The Porrazzos allegedly committed the crime of “warning of a stolen election, and suggesting this will lead to civil war.”

The conservatives are only reporting things that the liberals have reported themselves, but the censorship is all one sided. Stories including ones reporting that Hillary Clinton demanded that Joe Biden not concede the election, no matter what the results are when the polls close originated with the Democrats. It sounds suspiciously like the fix is in. Then, when Mark Zuckerberg looked very nervous on a video segment while he tried to assure everyone how normal it is for an election to drag on for months without learning a result, Americans became even more nervous. Talking or speculating about it will get you censored out of business.

To make it worse, the censorship fact checkers have recently declared that even questioning how secure “unsolicited” mail-in ballots are is strictly Verboten. Questioning the “legitimacy” of the election in any way will get you censored. Conservatives are left with no alternative but to call reporting of solid facts which concern conservatives greatly as “opinion.” Their readers all get it. The Democrats are terrified. That’s why they pulled the Porrazzo’s plug. “It seems as though they are being very strategic in their messaging so as to not be shut down,” Lewis said, adding that viewing the ostentatious labeling of opinion as an effort to sidestep fact-checking is “absolutely a reasonable assumption.” Becca Lewis researches online extremism and disinformation at Stanford University.


Political Apocalypse

In September, the page linked to a story on the website Right Wing Tribune, headlined “Radical Left Prepares For ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ And Possible Civil War Should Be Expected If Biden Loses [Opinion]”, with Facebook captions including “the left wants war.” The censorship is running wild on that topic. President Trump made it crystal clear to all the Right-Wing Militia groups, “stand back and stand by.” He himself is nervous about the integrity of this election and he made it clear on the debate stage he won’t stand for that.

Lawful Militia groups operating within their Constitutional Second Amendment rights heard the message. Stand back. Let the authorities do what they do best. Watch the election like a hawk for any irregularities and report them to the proper authorities. Then if the liberal local officials continue to promote anarchy, and the federal government is unable to restore order, for whatever reason, then each and every one of the Militia groups will be prepared and ready to fulfill their patriotic duty. Not a duty to President Donald Trump, but a duty to the American way of life and the Constitution which preserves it. Despite the censorship, the message got through.

As far as calling it an Apocalypse, the Vatican certainly sees it that way. Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the former Vatican ambassador to America, has written not one but two open letters to President Donald Trump, the most recent just last week. Both have been subject to liberal censorship. In both of them he warns that the entire world is at war with the “children of darkness” and the Vatican is fully behind President Trump in that epic struggle.


  1. I have to say that I am tired of claims that this person or that person is about to be arrested. Real reporting would wait until the person is really arrested with a caveat that the article will be completed after the trial or plea bargain.

  2. We need to start up a form of Twitter and Facebook for news that is not censored but allowed to tell the truth. One that allows both sides to be heard.


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