ALARMING: Wisconsin Voter Situation

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Wisconsin suddenly flipped to Biden, despite Trump having a strong early lead. Many are accusing the state of voter fraud after several shocking discoveries were made. Are the Democrats stealing the election for Biden?

Voter fraud in battleground states

Reports are coming in that Wisconsin received more votes cast than there are registered voters in the state. Wisconsin has 3,129,000 registered voters. 3,239,920 people voted. How is this possible? This seems like an obvious case of voter fraud. But wait, things get even more troubling.

Michigan was also trending red on election day, with Trump ahead of Biden by several hundred thousand votes. Then something strange happened. In the early hours of Wednesday, an update in the count showed more than 138,000 new votes.

The odd part about this was all 138,000 votes went to Biden, without a single vote coming in for President Trump or any third party candidates. This put Joe Biden within striking distance of President Trump and eventually surpassing him.

It’s no surprise that big-tech is working overtime to cover up this scandal, with Twitter censoring and removing screenshots of the bizarre surge in Biden votes.

Many are calling out the apparent fraud, including President Trump who retweeted the now censored screenshots of the update. Some Democrats are claiming these votes came from an urban area which traditionally votes blue. Yet still, the massive Biden surge is statistically impossible since not a single vote went for another candidate. So what’s really going on here?


Trump still fighting

Several days later and we still don’t have a clear winner. This is unprecedented. Are the Democrats really attempting to steal this election right in front of our eyes? President Trump has warned us about this all year.

He’s been an outspoken critic of mail in ballots, saying that it would facilitate massive voter fraud. Over the past few months there’s been numerous reports of voter fraud, stolen ballots, dead people registering to vote and even Post Office employees throwing away ballots.

President Trump has vowed to investigate these allegations and take them to court. Something does seem strange in all this. Joe Biden is a low energy candidate who has trouble drawing crowds that are a fraction of the size of President Trump’s, yet he went on to receive more votes than President Obama did?

@REBrokerEric on Twitter commented, “How does a man that can’t draw 50 people to a rally get 70 million votes??” @Catturd2 said, “Our election system has been completely destroyed and nobody will ever believe in it again.

Thanks fake news media, big tech, and the Democrat party.” Election day is over, but the fight for our country is just beginning.


  1. So how many of the republicans that were elected and re-elected got there riding the coattails of DJT? Literally all of them did! But how many of them do you hear speaking out in his defence right now? The answer is none! Not a damn one of them are speaking out in support of him! Is Graham speaking out, no! Is McConnell speaking out, no! They all have their jobs safe and sound now so DJT be damned! Well, welcome to your post constitutional country people! I predict that within the next two years your 1st and 2nd amendment will be gone and your country will be well on its way to economic collapse! And the so called republicans will do nothing just like they are doing nothing to support this POTUS! And yes they will get away with all this because the american people are to weak, to cowardly to fight for this country! How many despots have said that this country would destroy itself without a shot being fired? It sure looks like they were right! This is not the country I fought for! And now I would never encourage my kids to ever go to war in support of it! We are as of this day a failed nation! Your children will live to see the worst economy in the history of this country! They will live to see their liberty and freedom taken away without a fight! I’m truly ashamed of my country today!
    “The United States will eventually fly
    the communist flag. The American people
    will hoist it themselves.”
    –Nikita Khrushchev

  2. Now that we are facing this mess, will you listen to me?
    By Mario E. Porrata
    August 19, 2019

    A Union is composed of its members and only they should be allowed to vote in the election of any of its Officials. This should be the case of the Union of Citizens of the United States of America, but it is not. There have been instances of non-citizens voting, in spite of not being allowed to. This fraudulent scheme must end.
    What makes this issue worrisome is that some candidates promote these illegal votes to get elected, thus rendering null the votes of citizens that are qualified to vote and vote otherwise.
    Further, the electors of any Union have a right to vote only once, “one man one vote principle,” and there has been evidence of electors in the Union of the United States voting more than once.
    To make matters even worse, tampering with the electoral system has been the playground, not only of politicians, but now of political parties. Thus we have a political party trying to destroy the established system of the Electoral College by the Founding Fathers, which protects States with low population, by inserting a “popular vote” concept that would allow large populated states to control the electoral results. This system would have a fatal outcome: Destroy the sovereignty of all the States and destroy the Union of Citizens of the United States of America. In effect, the end of the U.S.of A. This is very serious.

    From our end, the problem seems to be that the States have a lot to do with the federal elections. The crux of the problem is that States control who votes in federal elections. Add to that that States have been identifying with political parties, and so do those citizens that control the electoral machine of the State. Being human beings, these people seem to be inclined to protect the votes that favor their political affiliation, even if they are fraudulent.
    The Founding Fathers could have never foreseen what is happening today because they set up a system based on the honorability of the people in charge. Neither were they able to foresee the conditions that persist today of the several States.
    So, this is it: An unqualified voter may be allowed to vote if his political affiliation is known by the people of equal inclinations and in charge of the voting lists. And the elected officials of the State will merely present a blind eye for the same reason. After all, the most important motto in elections is to win at any cost! Nothing else matters.

    The solution is simple: Federal elections must be controlled by the Federal Government exclusively. From voter registration, to actual voting, and to vote count, every step must be controlled by personnel sworn and hired for the exclusive purpose of conducting federal elections.
    No State is allowed to participate in the implementation of the federal electoral process, just as it happens in the elections of any Union. Federal elections would be handled separately from State elections. State elections would be handled by the States themselves, in whatever manner or form they wish, as long as they don’t violate their Constitutions.
    The results would be handled in the same way as it happens now. Nothing will change except for the management of the entire federal electoral process.
    A Federal Elections Department would be established, with branches at the State level. All responsibilities would be assigned accordingly with a budget large enough to do a perfect job in order to secure the purity of the electoral results.
    Congress would establish a joint oversight committee to ascertain the purity and non-partisan behavior of the system. The Supreme Court would establish a Special Committee to oversee the actions of the Department and to certify the electoral results.

    The Federal Electoral System of the Union of Citizens of the United States of America is being attacked on different fronts, with the objective to obtain partisan advantages and undeserved electoral victories. The honorability of the system is being destroyed by unscrupulous individuals at the State level, whose lust for power is immense.
    By centralizing the entire Federal Electoral System, the government of the US of A should be able to correct most, if not all, the deficiencies that allow voter fraud.
    This is the perfect moment to install such a system, given the initiative of the government to develop a more perfect citizenship census.
    In implementing this strategy, there are many suggestions that come to mind, but which discussing them are not the purpose of this paper. But given that a special commission would be created to design and implement the proposal here presented, I would be very happy to submit them in writing, or in person, when the timing comes.
    By all means, this proposal will disengage the federal electoral process from the political and partisan bickering that is actually taking place. AND DO AWAY WITH ELECTORAL FRAUD!

    Mario E. Porrata
    Gurabo, Puerto Rico

  3. When I went to bed last night the President had Wisconsin not biden now biden has it? Don’t think so talk about voter fraud well good example of it right there

  4. I just hope that President Trump will not allow them to get away with this like Mitt Romney allowed Obama to do it in 2012!

  5. The same thing happened here in Alabama last election. The “Black Belt” had a large number of votes show up just before midnight. All for Doug Jones! Four times as many as ever before! I saw Biden say on his video, “We have the best voter fraud system ever”, or words to that affect. I’ll be surprised if they haven’t “Scrubbed” that by now. The “Last hour” pile of over 100,000 votes is beyond “Suspicious”! Besides, Joe Biden should end up in jail very soon? Mafia, Unions, and Dems, all came from the Mafia. I’ve been around since the Mafia took over the “Longshoremans” union. Worked for the union jobs, all were liars.

  6. Better check the cemeteries to make sure the corpses are still there.
    Democrats have been recruiting and registering voters at cemeteries and sanctuary cities.

  7. Do not let this crap get swept under the carpet people. THERE HAS BEEN OBVIOUS FRAUD COMMITTED HERE. Demoncrap dogs are crapping all over the country, the people and the constitution. The demoncrap party needs to be cancelled, and all members forbidden to be in any political party, FOR LIFE. After a lengthy holiday in GITMO.

  8. And still nothing will happen because the media and Dems will get on tv claiming its Trump tactics and probly Russian disinformation. And the saddest part is stupid Americans will say” well that’s gotta be it.”

  9. After President owebunhole we saw a preveiw of how Dumocrats operate. Sore losers. This time they are going to be caught. I wonder who will fall. After owebunhole I will never vote dumocrat again. talk about crooks. Anything to win. GO TRUMP!


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