Al Sharpton Caught Using His Own Charity as an ATM

Al Sharpton

I have always known Al Sharpton was shady, and now we finally have proof.

The National Action Network is a non-profit group run by Al Sharpton.

The charity raises less than $10 million in donations a year.

Sharpton has been getting paid 10 percent or more of that money for most of the past decade.

The Big Payday

Sharpton is claiming he did not get his full pay from 2004 to 2017, so, in 2018, he was paid a base salary of $324,000 along with $563,352 in “other income” and $159,596 in bonus money.

That base salary was a full 32 percent more than his 2017 salary.

According to a private firm that was hired by the charity, Sharpton was owed more than $1.2 million in salary, but he was gracious enough to ONLY take a payment $500,000 less than that amount.


The charity released a statement that Sharpton is now all caught up for being underpaid all those years and not receiving a bonus.

Now, if you are like me, you are scratching your head on how a non-profit can pay such a hefty bonus out of donated funds to its president and CEO.

Sharpton says the money is justified because “It’s a six-day-a-week job and several hours a day and when [the compensation firm] compared it to other companies, other non-profits, that’s the salary that he would get.”

Wow, several hours a day at work, imagine that.

When I ran the numbers for a 4-hour workday, which is probably overly generous, Sharpton’s salary, including his bonus, came out to about $900/hour last year.

Even without the bonus, the salary was $239/hour. Just what is Al doing to deserve that kind of money, especially considering the charity only raised a little more than $7 million last year and barely eclipsed $6 million the year before?

The numbers and claim from the compensation firm are baffling, though, because Sharpton was paid more than $244,000 in 2017, $250,000 (plus a $437,555 bonus) in 2016, and it 2014, he received more than $400,000 in salary and bonus.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Sharpton sold the rights to his personal life story to the charity for a mere $531,000?

Where Is the Investigation?

Donald Trump’s charity was investigated by the New York AG, so why haven’t the practices of Al Sharpton’s charity been investigated?

Not only is Sharpton taking an excessive salary, but he has also been accused of shaking down companies to get donations.

On numerous occasions, Sharpton allegedly threatened to boycott or protest companies unless they made a donation to his charity.

The New York Post did a major investigation into the National Action Network, revealing that both Anheuser-Busch and Colgate-Palmolive donated under this pretense.

While Sharpton is ripping off his own charity, he still owes the IRS almost $700,000 for unpaid taxes.

So, when you see our government attacking our president, chew on the fact Al Sharpton has been ripping off his own charity for decades and nobody is saying a word about it and as far as I know, the charity has never even been sniffed for inappropriate practices by the New York Attorney General. 

Maybe Trump should sick Barr on Sharpton but I guess he can’t, because that would be considered racist, right?


  1. Al is still a good Democrat. Harassment, Fraud, Felonies, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Drug usage, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, plagiarism, perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  2. If the common tax payer owed taxes the IRS would be after them in a heart beat but Scum Sucking Sharpton gets a pass for years ! I want to see him pay Taxes owed with interest and penalty or go to PRISON !

  3. Al Sharpton burst onto the scene in a big way in 1987 and in the thirty three years which have elapsed since that time, he has gotten more corrupt every year. Mind you he was starting from a pretty damned corrupt place to start with. Everything he does is crooked and his charity tops the list. He owes the government back taxes and while the article says he owes the IRS over $700,000, I really doubt that anyone has any idea of the true number because money goes into the charity, is shaken pretty good and no one knows what comes out the other end. If he were either white or Republican his ass would have been kicked into the can at least twenty five years ago.

    • You are so right, but this is Al Effun Sharpton, so no one in power is willing to say anything.. He gets a free pass and no thought of trying to collect back taxes. It’s like how dare we to think he should face charges.


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