Airbnb Party Turns to Bloodbath Over Night… Gunmen Ambush Several People


Two gunmen are still on the loose after they fired at a party taking place in an Airbnb in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Airbnb Shooting Rocks Neighborhood

Atlanta police officers are still on the lookout for the criminals and Channel 2 Action News was present as police were on the scene close to the intersection of Sunset Avenue and Lester Street.

The police were on the scene over Friday night, according to Atlanta Police Homicide Commander Pete Melecki.

One of the victims who survived the ordeal told investigators that a group of them was in a vehicle and arrived at the home. Located on the 100 block of Sunset Avenue, once arrived at the Airbnb, the group was attacked by at least two gunmen.

One Victim Identified

One of the victims has been identified as Dayshun Clark, 19, as reported by Channel 2’s Tim Jones. The other deceased victim has not been identified. A 17 and 18-year-old were recovered with non-life-threatening injuries. A fifth victim was mildly injured but did not get shot.

The group had taken a rideshare vehicle and the driver had already left before the shooting occurred.

Channel 2’ Tom Jones actually had met the new deceased Clark last year when another teen was shot and killed. Jones had interviewed Clark with a group of other teens about learning from your mistakes and pursuing your best life.

Clark’s godmother told Jones she didn’t understand who could be so angry at him.

“He didn’t get in no trouble,” she said. “He was a loving child.”

Neighbors Hear the Airbnb Drama

Neighbors heard the gunshots and a lady Helen Williams Bolston said she saw the victims in the street after getting out of bed.

“Some little girl was coming out the door running and screaming and hollering,” Bolston said. “I said, ‘Oh my God, what is it? So I just hit the floor.”

Suspects and a motive are still unknown at this point and police are still on the search.


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  1. Criminals belong in jail not on the streets and until people tell who did the crime so they can do the time this crap will go on and on as it does in Chicago and the longer it goes on the worse it becomes. As I said Chicago is a fine example of see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing works, as well as having a do nothing liberal mayor and governor works. Crime grows as does fatalities.


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