Muslims Home Raided By Agents…What They Discover Sends Chills Down Their Spines


The Muslim Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the rest of the North American continent from within. While your liberal friends might laugh this off as just a far-right conspiracy theory, it’s something that we conservatives have suspected for many years now. The big difference is that now we actually have the evidence to back this up this behavior from Muslims. 

Law enforcement agents recently raided the Annandale, VA home of a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and this led to the discovery of a blueprint detailing the thirty-year plan for Muslims across America to engage in a complete takeover of the North American continent. Of course, now that the cover of the Muslim Brotherhood has been blown, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will stop at nothing to cover it back up again. However, it’s up to us to fight back. Our children’s lives depend on it. 

First of all, a little backstory might be in order. Twenty-seven years ago, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradwai, first traveled to America. His goal? To organize Muslims throughout America about the ultimate plan, which was to engage in a complete takeover of the United States. The plan had a thirty-year timeline. 

Indeed, one of the most effective elements of this plan would be a tactic called “Muruna”, which is a strategy that allows Muslim to violate strict Sharia law so that they can convince Americans that they are not a threat to them and are just like us. Nothing to see here, move along. Naturally, there is no question that Muruna has been extremely effective, moving about just like an Ebola virus and allowing Muslims to stealthily integrate into every aspect of North American society. 

So, it’s out in the open now. We know the truth. The radical Muslims have been planning this all along. Thus, we don’t have an excuse now. Simply put, we must fight back. We must show our children the true meaning of what being an American is all about, because if we don’t, you better believe that the Muslims will show us all about their ideology, and if we aren’t careful, there will come a day where we will collectively look in the mirror and not recognize the reflection looking back at us. Here are the steps in the takeover plan for these radical Muslims: 

Phase One: The establishment of a discreet and clandestine leadership plan. 

Like other secret societies, obviously they are not going to tell anyone about the first phase of this plan. 

Phase Two: Gradually appearing on the public scene and engaging in several different public activities. 

Needless to say, they were highly successful in the implementation of this stage. For example, they had various important and nefarious goals they wanted to meet during this time frame, such as the infiltration of different sectors of government. They also wanted to gain the trust of senior scholars and religious institutions and receive public support and sympathy. They also wanted to establish a shadow government alongside the real government, and yes, they have been largely successful in that as well. 

Phase Three: Escalation 

In this stage, the Muslims will continue to bend the society to their own will by utilizing mass media. 

They will do this just prior to outright conflict and confrontation with the powers that be. This is the stage that we are currently in. 

Phase Four: Completely open and public confrontation with the government through exercising a myriad of political pressures, including an aggressive implementation of the above-mentioned approach. Domestic weapons training, various overseas activities, and other activities in anticipation of the zero-hero. 

Phase Five: In this last phase, they will seize power in order to fully establish their Islamic Nation in every aspect of this nation. All parties and Islamic groups will be united together. 

Of course, this is their overall, general plan. However, the document that was seized in this raid shows that they have taken some very chilling organizational steps to see this Islamic movement to its fruition. They have solid operations, planning, mindset, and vision for each and every step. Simply put, we are dealing with a truly organized enemy. Some of the extra details are as follows: 

  • Making the Muslim presence larger by such things as birth rate, immigration, and refusing to assimilate;
  • Occupying and dominating physical spaces; 
  • Controlling the language used in describing the opposition; 
  • Making sure that everyone living in the “Muslim Community” completely follows it; 
  • Making sure that non-Muslims never study their doctrine (Shariah); 
  • Being sure that Shariah law is complied with even on local levels; 
  • Fighting back against counter-terrorism efforts; 
  • Intentionally subverting any given religious organization; 
  • Utilizing a strategy known as “law-fare”, which is the use of the suing as a weapon; 
  • Demanding accommodations or claiming victimization; 
  • Condemning “slander” against Islam; 
  • Infiltrating the U.S. education system; 
  • Demanding the right to practice Shariah law practically anywhere; 
  • Confronting Western society and denouncing their laws and traditions; and 
  • Demanding that Shariah law serve as a replacement for Western Law in all jurisdictions. 

This plan has literally been three decades in the making and we are just now getting aware of it. Of course, I’m sure liberals will say that we are overreacting, but there have been plenty of other things we have turned out to be right on, how do they do know we won’t be right on this as well? Not to mention the fact that Muslims have flown under the radar in this country, but all the while they were just building their arsenal and simply recruiting more to their evil ways.

Is it any wonder that President Trump has been trying to implement a travel ban from countries that are known to support terrorists? As this raid clearly shows, the clock is ticking, and the time to act is NOW, before we end up like Europe.


  1. Anyone with a modicum of grey matter knew that the LOWER LIFE FORM–MUSLIMS. were not going to assimilate into our society. Everything that they have done showed us that they will never be AMERICANS but they want to be the only people in charge of this country and ever other country they have invaded!!

    Obama said he wanted to change America, and he tried with everything he did. I can’t believe he was in charge of this country for 8 too long years, scheming and plotting with his Muslim brothers take over of this country and making it into another Muslim shit hole!!

    He is still out there plotting and scheming with this guy they just raided, most likely, and every other low life that swears allegiance to that NON-RELIGION of Rapist’s, pedophiles, murderer’s, blackmailers and anything else you can come up with.

    It is time for the Muslim hoard to be removed from our country one way or another!! If they don’t go peacefully, send them home in body bags!!!

    • Well, what did they do with this Muslim.>>>Pat him on the head and told him>>>> do not do this anymore……He should have been thrown out of the COUNTRY , with his FAMILY and his FRIENDS. “IMMEDIATELY”>>>after confiscating all that DANGEROUS garbage to a safe place..

  2. I’m glad at that some Americans are waking up to realise the evils of Islam, Islam is NOT a religion but an evil cult. I suggest non Muslims to read the Quran and see for yourselves how hateful is towards Jews, Christians and non believers . Once they outnumber you in some areas you had it. Muslims have learnt that extreme means would not be used against them, hence they do the things they want to. WAKE up before its too late.

  3. I think that this article is SPOT On ! I have been keeping track of what the Muslims have been doing for many years. I had a class in World History, and I saw that EVERY SINGLE Country where they went, and became the majority, became MUSLIM, through coercion, or murder ! This was chilling to the bone, and I said that I hoped this would never happen in America ! Well guess what, this COULD happen here, the way the Muslims have infiltrated our Government, and every area of America.

  4. Check out Muslim birthrates, last I checked in America and Canada. Muslim families were having 8 children, non-Muslim families 2 children. Europe will eventually be taken over by Muslims, in some parts men with multiple wives are having 32 children, while non-Muslim families it’s one child and many couples aren’t having any children. They took advantage of what their fellow Muslim Obama had to offer during those 8 long years. There are Only Two types of Muslims: 1. The Stealth Jihadist 2. The Violent Jihadist, everyone understands how the Violent type operates but few seem to understand how the Stealth operate, these are the most dangerous types in America, from janitors on up to the president of the U.S, Obama being the first, as the name implies this type operates in secret, they also support the Violent type. Keith Ellison and Ill Head Omar, both of these arrogant egotistical America haters are from MN. Another reason Satan’s religion is so dangerous to America is it’s a highly political ideology. meaning Muslims will seek political office and Muslims will vote for Muslims with a great voter turnout. When I started warning people more than 20 years ago about the danger these people are to a free people, there was very little to make my case, but since then they’ve become openly brazen about what their plan is for America. There are laws against their plan for America, I have to wonder which evil will takeover America, Communism or Islamism.

  5. This is also why we got a Muslim Brotherhood Fraud in 2008,voted for by totally oblivious,brainwashed sheeple.Today we fight with parts of the Evil Muslims agenda.American voters committed suicide 2008-2012.

  6. The American people had known this for a long time. Clintons and Bush helped get Obama elected. We all saw it coming. Being dump in large cities. Free health care and money. Turning cities in to third world shit hole. Now I’m Congress. There is a law banning Muslims from America. Who broke this law first? Anyone know?

  7. Having read to Koran, and an understanding of Muslims I sincerely wonder how ignorant Americans can be. Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines to battle the Musselmen in Tripoli to stop them from holding Americans hostage. It worked well enough to keep them at Bay for close to 200 years.

    Grow up people and read history the world didn’t begin when you were born.



  10. If this is the case, what are we waiting for as a country? Why have we not filled airlines ALREADY with one way tickets? Rounding up radical Muslims should have been a priority years ago. We already know what the radical Muslims want, the destruction of our country, America. It’s past time that we destroy these radicals and get them out of our country. Let us know when and where to sign up!

  11. Its WE THE PEOPLE that need to stand up tp them and do the right thing for ALL Americans and rid them from our shores, amen.


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