AG Barr Drops Bombshell Announcement About Bill Gates

AG Barr

Laura Ingraham sat down with AG Barr on Wednesday night to talk about billionaire Bill Gates and his disturbing new progressive idea for “digital certificates.” The Attorney General casually dropped a bombshell announcement with his characteristic deadpan delivery. During the current emergency, some “appropriate, reasonable steps are fine,” William Barr acknowledged, but a “digital certificate to show who has recovered or been tested recently” is totally out of the question.

It’s a ‘slippery slope,’ AG Barr warns

While Bill Gates isn’t talking about micro-chipping everyone just yet, his latest idea for digital vaccine certificates could be a path leading in that direction and it’s all downhill. “I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty,” AG Barr warned.

Laura Ingraham was anxious over the news that Bill Gates is “in favor of developing digital certificates that would certify that individuals, American citizens, have an immunity to this virus and potentially other viruses going forward.” These “certificates” would control “travel and work and so forth.”

Barr has long been known as a champion for personal liberty, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his ability to snoop your cell-phone if you’re ever accused of something. Last summer he told the National Religious Broadcasters Convention that there’s a “battle going on today” between those who favor “liberal democracy, which limits government and gives priority to preserving personal liberty,” and the Deep State advocates of “totalitarian democracy, which seeks to submerge the individual in a collectivist agenda.”

AG Barr ‘a little concerned’

As far as requiring everyone to produce some sort of “digital certificate to show who has recovered or been tested recently,” or a notation as to whether or not you’ve been vaccinated once one is available, AG Barr would be “a little concerned.” The next step could be adding the chip directly to the vaccine in the interest of saving everyone time and money.

“Yeah, I’d be a little concerned about that, the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.” Even if the chip isn’t implanted in your body it could still take the form of a “patch for our clothing” or a “number tattooed on our bodies designating us as ‘carriers,'” one Twitter user commented.


  1. I kinda frown on the idea of having a number tattooed on the body.—-Seems like that has been done before and it really didn’t work out well at all.

    • IAW (in accordance with) the Bible, in the “last days” everyone will be required to have the number 666 tattooed on forehead. Found, I believe, in the book of Revelations. Bill Gates proposal seems to be the precursor to fulfill that prophesy.

      • I think it won’t be 666 on everyone, but it will be the number of the Antichrist, I think people will be in HIS SYSTEM and that everyone who has that system will be given a separate number. In other words, the BEAST System And I think it’s practically here!

      • Bill H.R. 6666 IS about tracking peoples movements and contacts and there are penalties for those trying to opt out. Read the Biblical 666 and shudder that it warned of subservience, inability to buy/sell unless you bore the mark of the Beast. Who/what is the beast? In the computer world, LINUX systems is called The Beast. Co-incidence? I think not.

      • You are way off base about the “Mark of the Beast”. My suggestion to you is knock the dust off your Bible and read it again. And it is the Book of Revelation NOT Revelations.

  2. “Barr has long been known as a champion for personal liberty, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his ability to snoop your cell-phone if you’re ever accused of something.”

    I’ve never heard Barr express such sentiments, in fact, I would expect him to have the opposite view.

    • Wouldn’t it be better to pray that the Holy Spirit save him from Hell, thus giving Satan a defeat? Wouldn’t that be the Biblical approach?


    • First I heard it was Soros who owned the Wuhan virology lab, then other prominent Democrat donors, now Gates. Can’t you partisan canspiracists get your story straight?

    • Do not hesitate to contact “” and ask the President to instruct AG Barr to launch an investigation into Gates; at the same time Barr should investigate doctors Birx and Fauci’s connections to Gates foundation, the Clinton foundation AND George Soros – -their history runs deep with the latter. If you do a little easy research, you can find the same information.

  4. Great another lunatic billionaire who wants us to live our lives his way…Satan works in mysterious ways…NOT!
    The funny thing is the left really doesn’t know how the story ends and not to mention they’re on the wrong side as usual!

    • Gates does not want us to live his way. He wants the majority of the world’s population to die. It is his goal to bring the population of the world to no more than 700,000. What better way to do it than with a virus. He came from HELL and he needs to be sent back!

  5. Hell no. No one is forcing me to stick a toxic substance into my body. That’s is not health. Thank you AG Barr for talking sense!!!

    • What toxic substance? Do you have a clue as to how vaccines work? Do you oppose the vaccines that have prevented Cholera, Smallpox, Measles, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Diphtheria, Plague, and Polio?

      • Robyn is correct! What may be good for some may be toxic to others. Take me for example: extremely healthy all my life, never experience any illness until forced to take a flu-shot; next day I came down with the flu I had never experienced in my entire life which lasted for two days. I avoided taking flu-shots ever since and I’ve never gotten sick again….ever! So you see my friend; what may be good for some, it could be toxic for others. By the way Recce1, I’ll be 88 in May and still in tip top condition as I always treat my body like a Temple as Almighty God Commanded.

        USAF (RET)

        • I never get a flu shot and never get the flu. My friends who get the shot get the flu every year. They tell me it would have been worse if they hadn’t gotten the shot. I’m often around them before they know they’re sick and I don’t get it. Haven’t had it for 37 years (I was pregnant with my son). They weren’t pushing flu vaccines back then anyway. I got the smallpox vaccine when I started school in 1952 (mandatory). Then I got all the polio vaccines both Salk and Sabin. My cousin had polio and it was bad for him and the family so I never questioned this one. When they came out with the diphtheria vaccine after the 1918 outbreak, more people died from the vaccine than diphtheria. Don’t bet the same won’t happen with the COVID vaccine since they are moving too fast. If they let the virus progress and stopped inflating numbers and harmful effects, we would be nearly over this by now, but it has become too political for some to let go. As for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, etc., the vaccines are unnecessary. If what they tell parents today were true and the diseases used to kill a lot of kids, my whole first and second grade class would have been wiped out. We weren’t. We got the disease, were out of school for a few days and then back to normal. We are 74 now and still kicking. Many of us keep in touch. When we die out there will be no one to tell the truth of childhood diseases. The supporters of the vaccines say the “Brady Bunch” show where the young kids had the measles is irresponsible and a lie about them not being serious. I don’t remember it that way. If people would study the history of childhood diseases they would find they were phasing out as time went on anyway. The pharmaceutical companies knew this and fast tracked these vaccines and then got Congress to mandate them – and I might add they (Congress) also took away recourse for people who suffered the side effects of the vaccines. Sucks to be you if you had detrimental effects from them. My grandkids are not vaccinated and they are far healthier than their friends who are.

        • Yes. They fooled people by saying they took the bad things out of the other childhood vaccines but people never question the flu vaccine they rush to get for their children every year. My grandkids are not vaccinated and they rarely get sick. If they do it lasts a day or two and they’re back to normal. Their friends are sick a lot.

      • Recce1, do YOU have a clue that vaccines go through development stages requiring a decade and longer before they are widely used on the public? Are you aware Bill Gates who is NOT a medical doctor has administered other vaccines to children in the 3rd world, leaving thousands crippled for life? Feel free to volunteer for Gate’s fast-tracked vaccine.

        • And I’ll add that there are countries where the Gates Foundation is not allowed to set foot into their country. In one country the Foundation administered HPV vaccines to young girls and they contained something to make them sterile. He’s obsessed with depopulations. I suggest he go first. He is evil disguised as humanitarianism. People should really beware.

    • I think AG Barr feels the same way we do in that some of these wealthy people wish to establish two kinds of people in America; the elite [the wealthy] and the peasants [which is us]. It compares with George Orwell’s novel of “1984” which should frighten the devil out of his cave. And by the way; George Orwell’s novel of “1984” has always been the Democrat’s dream for the absolute enslavement of the American people.

      Please read the book or see the movie version of George Orwell’s “1984” novel Staring Edmond O’Brien, Michael Redgrave and Jan Sterling which was released in 1956.

      USAF (RET)

  6. The fact that we have orders to remain at home, not have freedom of assembly, not be able to buy a firearm in some places, If you own a business the government doesn’t think is necessary and orders shut down, are all infringements of rights granted by the constitution. Where does a state decide if you don’t live here so you can’t come in. If you are not pissed at the actions of the government officials that do these kinds of things you perhaps should move to a country that allows that kind of behavior by the government.

    • Number 1 Gary is if you are a corporation,they are FICTITIOUS Persons and have no rights(which means you were created by the state and they own you) any church that is incorporated has made the state their god,and now you know why the state can shut them down.
      The federal reserve is not a us entity,it is the tool of the banks,and is the swamp.Using their federal reserve note puts you under the uniform commercial code( which is basically the law of the sea where you have no rights)
      You should never describe yourself a a us citizen,only as a sovereign citizen of the state you live in!!
      nuff said

    • We’ve been trying to fight this type of thing in Texas since our governor moved us back a phase, shut down the bars and forced a mask mandate back on July 2. The AG actually stepped in and stopped the lawsuit. Can’t believe all this is happening in Texas. It seems that the governor has a vaccine guru on his Coronavirus task force, the same man who tried to get Rick Perry to mandate the HPV vaccine for girls as young as 11. That vaccine has proved dangerous. There was a public outcry and it was halted. But the present governor is not listening at all to his constituents only his advisors who have their own agendas, which it appears are his too. He wants us to stay where we are until a vaccine is found and then mandate it. And I’ve also heard, not too sure about this one, but if we don’t get the vaccine our ability to get back to normal and participate in society will be squelched. I may live in a red state, but it sure feels bluer than blue to me right now. In the beginning the governor told Harris County they couldn’t enforce their mask mandate and then he puts one on the whole state and makes the businesses enforce it. So if we protest, we hurt businesses that have already endured so much to endure more. This is about as Marxist as it gets. The governor needs to be honest and change parties.

  7. Not surprisingly; Bill Gates is a communist as is his father John. Bill favors population control via vaccination (sterilization), his father is a director of planned parenthood – -the baby killers. Interestingly enough, just this week, Bill Gates former family physician stated, Gates would never allow his young children to be vaccinated, even though, through his Gates foundation, he no promotes “mandated vaccination” for everyone – -that should tell you all you need to know! Further, Bill Gates is one of those who pushed for a national shutdown, supposedly to stop the spread of the Wuhan-flu (call it what it is). Being the good little commie that he is, he would like nothing more than to see the USA destroyed economically and socially; his “enablers” sit in our US Congress and then, there is the lamestream media propaganda machine, constantly blasting terrifying (false) information about the results of this virus.

    I’m not implying the virus isn’t dangerous; we currently have a little over ten thousand deaths from it. That said, take a look at the annual US death rates from other “epidemics”!
    Common flu – 80 thousand last year
    HIV/AIDS – 13 thousand
    Motor vehicle accidents-40 thousand
    We have never shut the country down for any of those, nor have we banned motor vehicles.

    Additionally, China has been working to destroy US economically and socially, for more than a decade, because they know they cannot defeat US militarily, no matter how much they pour into their armies. Just in the past decade, we have been affected by:
    2009-H1N1-swine flu
    2012-MERS-middle-east respiratory syndrome
    2019-SARS/Covid-19-Wuhan flu
    Their bio labs are working overtime and they will never succeed, unless WE let them!

    • We never shut the schools down for H1N1 either. And it did attack our children big time. If a school was particularly hard hit they closed it down for a few days, disinfected and brought the children back as quickly as possible. No question this is political and I’m hoping after the election much of what’s been going on (inflated death tolls as well as infections, lies about the severity per age group, etc.) will stop. And I’m hoping Fauci’s part in it will be exposed. He’s been the biggest problem from the git go.

  8. madmemere, You are absolutely correct in your post. I did some research through “Ancient History Lists: Top 10 Epidemic Diseases That Were Common in the Ancient World,” of which, “Influenza” was and still is one of the deadliest among humans said to be 6,000 years old. Coronavirus is just a new name for the Influenzas which affected the human population prior to the 1918s and beyond. Even the Bible in Leviticus records and describes a disease as a swelling or rash or a bright spot on the skin that may become an infectious skin disease…. And quite interesting, in Genesis 1-28 God blessed them and said to them, [humans] “Be fruitful and increase in numbers; fill the earth and subdue it.” Somehow it explains how heavily populated cities are the first to be inflicted?

    Please understand that I am by no means an expert in diseases; I simply conduct research in order to understand why people fear depopulation on earth and the reason for mass hysteria? I don’t speak for anyone else but, I love God’s gift of life and fear no death.

    USAF (RET)

  9. Gates has gone over to the dark side, he’s all for any digital control because he owns a great deal of the digital world along with Apple. Seems their philanthropy is being geared in many senses to the Democratic ideas of taking liberty and freedom away from the average American citizen. This whole pandemic seems to be of a political nature an effort to bring down our economy before the election of Donald Trump to a second term. There is no doubt that the Democrats have no chance at an election under any circumstances of normalcy. They need disruption and a distracted population that they can manipulate and as they usually do cheat. Trump’s performance with the economy, his leadership as well as his support of the American people are unbeatable. Biden even with Hillary as his running mate as rumor may have it is a death sentence for Biden, so Hillary could gain the Presidency once and for all. Remember in November we need to vote red or America may be dead!

  10. It is all known as Democrat invasions of public privacy. It appears that the liberals are so hell bent on stealing our rights they have become obsessed with it.

  11. Billy boy Gates is a COMMUNIST, as is his father John – -the latter is also a DIRECTOR of planned parenthood- -the world renown baby killers! Go to your search bar and ask “Is Bill Gates a communist?” The answer is there, on more than a dozen different websites. Gates and his foundation are satanic and evil and need to be shut down!


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