After Teenager Tosses 6yr Old from 10th Floor Platform…Judge Smacks Him Down HARD


A teenager who wanted to be on the news got slapped down hard by a London judge. Tossing a 6-year-old toddler off a 10th floor viewing platform for kicks is good for at least 15 years. The Mall of America copycat may never get out of prison.

Teenager sentenced to life

He got sentenced to life but if he behaves himself for the next 15 years and manages to avoid being tossed off some lofty prison catwalk, Jonty Bravery may get to breathe free air again. Even then, his chances of being released aren’t likely. The teenager now has to face the consequences of a horrible decision.

Last August, without warning, the sociopath grabbed the French toddler admiring the view from the 10th floor of the Tate Modern Art Gallery and threw him over the ledge. He landed on a roof about five floors down and survived, with “catastrophic injuries.”

In December, West London resident Jonty Bravery freely admitted his crime. In court at the “Old Bailey,” he testified he “threw the child from a balcony of the Thames-side tourist attraction in August with the intention of killing him so he could be on the news.”

Still in a wheelchair

The child may have survived but the injuries have changed his life forever. At the sentencing hearing for the teenage terrorist, the parents described he’s still in a wheelchair and has “many years of physical therapy ahead of him.”

Justice Maura McGowan looked Mr. Bravery in the eye and advised, “I cannot emphasize too clearly that this is not a 15-year sentence. The sentence is detention for life.” She admits that the law gives him an out but not to get his hopes up. “The minimum term is 15 years. Your release cannot be considered before then, you may never be released.”

The judge wanted him and every other London teenager to know that actions have consequences. “You had intended to kill someone that day. The injuries you caused are horrific. That little boy has suffered permanent and life-changing injuries.”

After the boy, then 17, hurled the child out into space, he was “caught and held by museum patrons.” According to the victim’s parents, “The act committed by this individual against our son is unspeakable. Words cannot express the horror, and the fear that his actions have brought upon us and our son, who is now wondering why he’s in hospital. How can one explain to a child that someone deliberately tried to kill him?” According to experts the only thing that saved the boy’s life was “the slant of the fifth-floor roof on which he landed.”

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    • Needs to be thrown off the exact same building, only exception he needs to be thrown a little more to the right so he hits the bottom floor, video tape and let the world see what happens to a low life pos

  1. Let’s all hope that the young Bravery lad gets what is coming to him while in prison so, when he comes out, it’s riding in the back of a hearse.

  2. I kinda thought toss him off the building but on the side with no obstruction before ground level. Maybe he will bounce!

  3. Someone needs to make sure the prison he is sent to knows his crime. But tell those there killing him is not what is wanted. Make him wish and plead to die but don’t let him that would be justice killing him quickly not only sends a wrong message but there is no justice for the child. He should suffer a long long time for what he did. Break bones them let them heal before breaking more. Make everyday as MISERABLE as possible. If he gets transferred tell that prison so they can keep his torture for as long as they can. He needs shown that there are fates worse than death a be sure he gets one.


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