After Scalping His Girlfriend and Ordering His Pit Bull to Attack, He Had One More Thing…

Scalped Woman
Photo via Local 12 YouTube Video Screenshot

I swear, there are some people who are so violent, you almost think that they must have been born in the wrong century.

Their savage brutality is so horrendous that it reminds you of medieval marauders. Unfortunately, Boone County, Kentucky man Zachary Gross is one such individual.

When he learned that a Facebook picture of his girlfriend and her son at the park was taken by another man, he flew into an uncontrollable jealous rage.

He spent the next hour punching her in the face at least a half-dozen times and pummeling her in the stomach.

Gross’s girlfriend, Marilyn Stanley, had every reason to be terrified on that night on September 14, 2015, so she picked up a knife to defend herself.

Unfortunately, after that, her incredibly violent boyfriend got even more infuriated, and he sicked his pit bull on her and had it chew up her ear. He then proceeded to slice off at least 80 percent of Stanley’s scalp with a knife.

However, it was what he did AFTER THIS that added insult to injury and made things much worse.

As Marilyn was bleeding profusely, he made Miss Stanley look at herself in the mirror, and he had the audacity to even mock her appearance. “Who do you think is going to want you now?” he sneered.

Gross retrieved a portion of Marilyn’s scalp and put it in a plastic bag and then drove her to her mother’s Union residence and dumped her off. Marilyn Stanley was rushed to the emergency room with near-fatal injuries.

Her scalp was almost completely cut off from her head. She also had eyes swollen to the size of a baseball and a broken nose.

Stanley said that she was taken aback by how Gross reacted to the Facebook post of her and her son.

“I was just shocked,” Miss Stanley said. “I didn’t expect him to react like this at all. I didn’t expect it in the least.”

Gross’s defense attorneys tried to play off the savage beating that Gross gave to Stanley as simply being in self-defense because she pulled the knife on him.

They also tried to play off the scalping as being from the dog and not from Mr. Gross. However, there was just one small problem.

A trauma surgeon testified at the trial and said that the injuries to Marilyn’s scalp were not consistent with dog bites, but with knife cuts.

Stanley had to go through two surgeries, and there was a GoFundMe page set up her to help pay for all her medical expenses. She is doing well now and has no desire to see her now ex-boyfriend ever again.

Zachary Gross was given the maximum sentence allowed and the judge tacked on an additional month because of crude gestures Gross was making during the trial.
With any luck, Gross will get some extra justice in prison when his fellow inmates find out about his horrific crimes.

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  1. You take the pit bull out and this subhuman and shoot both of them. I know what your thinking, did he shoot 5…….sorry, wrong movie, but on Judge Judy, she showed stats on pit bull attacks. It is actually terrifying.

    • American Staffordshire Terriers aka Pit Bulls are not normally vicious. They are trained to be vicious by subnormal humans. In the right home, a Pit Bull can be very loving to all the family members including children.

  2. I do not understand why we do not simply hang scum like Gross. There is no rehabilitation possible with a savage like that. Terminate him and save wasting taxpayer money. BTW it would provide some real justice for what he did to Stanley.
    I do not blame the dog, he did just what he was commanded to but a rope for Gross would save someone else from a fate similar to Stanley’s, which you know he will eventually do this again!


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