After Minor Traffic Violation, Hours later…Woman is Shocked When She Hears a Knock at Her Door


When Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Cronin and Field Officer Anthony Gonnelly stopped a vehicle that had a mother and an infant child, they immediately noticed that the car this mother was driving did not have a child safety seat.

To make a long story short, they issued the woman a citation for not properly securing her infant child.

However, it is what they did AFTER the woman pulled away that has caused other citizens to give them some serious praise.

You see, these law enforcement officers realized fairly quickly that this was a family down on their luck, so when these officers showed up at this mother’s door later on, how do you think she reacted?

If you ask her, she probably thought something along the lines of, “Oh good grief, what is it this time?”

Now, if you ask the liberal news media, they would probably smugly say something like, “Oh yes, this is another example of police harassment.”

Well, this would be wrong on both counts.

What these two awesome examples of Brevard County’s finest were actually doing was giving this obviously stressed-out mother a new child safety seat they have received through donations and USING THEIR OWN MONEY to buy her some groceries!

These two gentlemen rightfully got praise all around, and it started with Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who wrote the following in a sheriff department Facebook post: “Actions like this are what make me proud of the men and women of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, people who do everything they can to protect and to serve the public.”

Many of the replies to his Facebook post wholeheartedly agreed.

“I’d like to thank the deputies and the CSU team for not just issuing tickets, but also taking the time to help someone in need,” one reply said.

Another commenter posted, “Thanks to these very awesome deputies! Very compassionate!”

“This makes me very proud to be a Brevard County resident,” another comment read. “They have a track record of always doing nice things for our community!”

But this is something that the liberal news media still needs to understand.

It isn’t just Brevard County, Florida, but it is all over the country. Sadly, the mainstream media would prefer to tout the actions of the one percent bad apples than the 99 percent of officers that do work like this every day.


  1. This is a great story, of course the mainstream media wouldn’t carry a story like this. I’m sure that this happens many times without it being broadcast. They only carry the stories that they think make the police look bad. The thought of defunding the police is so crazy, it would be a catastrophe. I for one want the police around when I need them, and want them to know that they are appreciated.

  2. It’s cause the news stations are payed for by the delusional democrats . They can’t face good deeds like this from anyone not on their side of the fence . But they sure do everything in their power to get others to hate anyone doing good from that other side of the fence . You can see what happens when the police are put oh stand down by their boss’s … governors and mayors … ask anyone that lived in the delusional democrats state that were burned and looted by the pets of the delusional democrats . Or the parents of the dead kids killed by them . The police are needed now more then ever and the people need to take a stand with the police for justice in their citys . God knows the delusional democrats won’t help them . Always stand with the police . Their there to help you … so help them

  3. In the past the Indiana State Police were enriching their coffers with money from the truckers passing through Indiana. But I don’t see this now and not since Pence was Governor. In the past it was also bad on the local truckers as if you had to pass through one of these areas you knew you would be stopped and wrote up for something even if there was nothing. But I don’t see this now as the Police have cleaned up their act. I think maybe all of this is something from the past as now the Police are out there to help people. I don’t think the Police Departments should be defunded as long as they keep their act cleaned up.

    • You are very fortunate.Some of us are not at all, and no one lifts a finger to help.Sorry Gov. we have and elected reps as well.I now feel that for us, it is up to God to take out the trash and select ‘new furnishings’ . State wide!

    • A good point, and I think that when ANY PD is corrupt and NOT following the oath they took, at all… they should be replaced, completely, and fund the new officers.This needs to happen, state wide.STOP all funding to BAD PDs! They fullllllly misuse the funds that they get! Taxpayers fund all of this!TIME TO END IT!

  4. Thanks to these wonderful police officers, I think that this happens more often than we see, only the bad things are shown by the mainstream media. I for one want the police funded completely with protective gear etc. I want them around if I need them. They put up with a lot of abuse themselves. Want them to know that they are appreciated.

  5. Although the officers rendered financial assistance afterwards, the fact remains, she was still issued a ticket which comes with a fine and overinflated court costs. Now she will probably also need an attorney and a babysitter for each time she appears in court.


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