After Burning Cities Down for MONTHS, Democrats Now Concerned Conservatives are Going to Become Hostile

Democrats BLM riots election 2020 Trump Biden

The Democrats are suddenly worried about Trump supporters causing violence and civil unrest. This is the same party that has encouraged BLM and Antifa to burn, loot and harass people in cities across the country. Their hypocrisy is on full display.

Trump claims voter fraud

The Democrats were hoping to sail to an easy victory this election and install Joe Biden in the White House. They had help from the mainstream media, who served up softball questions to Joe Biden while completely ignoring the countless scandals he was involved in.

They also had help from social media companies like Twitter and facebook who suspended Conservative accounts, blocked the spread of news stories implicating Joe Biden in illegal foreign business deals, and even slapped misinformation warnings on President Trump’s Tweets.

We are witnessing an unprecedented power grab by the Left and they have zero shame about it.

It seems the Left has another tool in their arsenal now. Voter fraud. Accounts of voter fraud and irregularities are coming in from several key battleground states. Dead people voting in Michigan.

Postal workers throwing out bags of ballots in Nevada. Ballots being marked as illegitimate in Arizona. A software glitch in Wisconsin turning Trump votes into Biden votes.

President Trump has assured the American people we will have a fair election. His campaign has filed lawsuits in several states and they’re currently investigating all of these claims of voter fraud. The Left is calling this a baseless conspiracy theory, claiming there is no widespread evidence of fraud and it’s dangerous to suggest so. What are they so afraid of?


Democrats Election 2020 Riots BLM

Democrats suddenly want law and order

For five years the Democrats have been peddling their own baseless conspiracy theory, calling Trump a puppet of Putin and telling Americans the only reason he was elected is because of Russians meddling in our election.

They spent millions of dollars investigating the President, only to find there was no evidence to back up their claims. After the years of lies, smears and harassment from the Left, the President deserves a fair election.

The Left has also been encouraging many of the race riots fueled by BLM over the past year. They claim to be supporting social justice, but what they’re actually supporting is a violent Marxist mob that topples statues, burns buildings, loots businesses, harasses citizens and even murders people in cold blood.

If Trump supporters did a fraction of what BLM did, they would be labeled as terrorists and have federal law enforcement agencies taking them out. But no, the Left ignores BLM’s horrific crime sprees while they focus on silencing Trump and his supporters.

Mary McCord, the Justice Department’s former top national security official, said “There’s no question that the disinformation coming from the president and his surrogates about ballot fraud is fueling far-right groups in ways that present threats to public safety,” McCord said. “But more attention is being paid to them by federal, state and local law enforcement and that is having an impact.”

The Left’s strategy is getting old now. We’re onto their games. They label Trump supporters as racist White supremacists when the truth is they’re just hard-working patriotic Americans.

If the Left disagrees with something, it’s labeled as disinformation and deemed too dangerous for social media. They want us censored, canceled, banned and “removed from polite society.” But we’re not going down without a fight.


  1. Toppling statues also happened in Russia under Lenin, the similarities of what’s taking place in America today that took place under China’s Mao, Russia’s Lenin, Cuba’s Castro Vietnam and the latest Venezuela, cannot be just coincidences but a well thought out plan of the Communist Vermin who hold high positions in America’s alphabet government agencies, including the FBI and the CIA and no doubt those Obama appointed officers in our military. Trump seems to have no options, except one, the 14th amendment, this is an insurrection by America’s enemies from within , I think Trump handled it very well by letting America see what the Communists would do to our cities, had he intervened, America would not have known how the mayors and governors would have reacted, now we know for certain.

  2. too little, too late…you can’t rein in these rioters, looters, arsonists and murderers now…you NO LONGER HAVE CONTROL OVER THEM and still you are letting them do whatever the F**K they want

  3. Damn right . The delusional democrats did it so why not us deplorables . I could use a new tv and shoes . I can steal and call it peaceful protesting even tho iam burning to loot free stuff like the delusional democrats did . I’ll make sure tho its not in my neighborhood


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