Adam Schiff Slapped with Ethics Complaint

Schiff finally being called out for his corrupt actions.

Adam Schiff

Someone is finally willing to call out Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for some of his wrongdoings.

Jon Hollis, a GOP challenger for Schiff’s House seat, has filed an ethics complaint against Schiff regarding a 2017 phone call Schiff received.

The Phone Call

The call actually came from a couple of Russian prankster DJs… think the Russian Howard Stern for context.

During that phone call, Schiff was offered compromising information about Donald Trump and he was more than happy to entertain the thought of getting the drop on him.

At no time during the call, did Schiff seem like he knew it was a prank, even though he released a statement after the fact he knew it was more than likely a bogus call.

So, either Schiff is the best actor in the world he was truly duped and willing to bend the rules for his own purposes…

Calling Out Schiff

Any sane person would surmise from that audio that Schiff thought he had a genuine source for derogatory information on the President.

In his complaint, Hollis stated, “It is clear from the recorded phone call that Rep. Schiff knows he should not be trying to obtain opposition research on a political opponent from foreign nationals. 

“He attempts to mask his wrongdoing by, on numerous occasions, mentioning that he will work with the FBI.

“In so doing, Rep. Schiff is attempting to involve the FBI in his corrupt attempt to obtain dirt on President Trump. 

“The FBI should not be in the business of teaming up with politicians to use the power of government to dig up dirt on political opponents.”

Hollis’ complaint is not the only complaint filed on this matter, either.

The Tea Party Patriots Action Group has also filed a complaint based on the same call.

Hollis is using this complaint to help launch his campaign so he can bring attention to the issues he believes Schiff has been ignoring in the district for years, such as homelessness, infrastructure, and mental health reform.

Will anything actually come from this? If history serves as an example, no, but it will, at the very least, force Schiff to start to answer questions about his actions and the fact he seems to be neglecting his own district with his efforts to impeach Trump.

Even if Schiff does not get disciplined, perhaps Hollis can create enough headlines to unseat Schiff and remove him from office.



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