Adam Schiff Reveals More Schitt as New Hoax is Pushed to the Envelope


Known witch hunt enthusiast Adam Schiff said Wednesday that the House Intelligence Committee received whistleblower intel that the Trump administration was involved with Russian election interference.

Schiff Is At It Again

If you thought the Democrats finally gave up on the Russia collusion hoax, you were very wrong.

The congressman who suppressed intelligence reports CLEARING the Trump administration of Russian Election interference, Democratic Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, just produced a NEW whistleblower complaint claiming Trump administration officials at the White House and the Department of Homeland Security suppressed intelligence reports related to Russian election interference on Wednesday.

Another Day, Another Whistleblower

The last whistleblower complaint was cooked up by his daughter’s boyfriend and used for the kangaroo court impeachment last year.

“We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress,” Schiff, D-Calif., tweeted. “This puts our national security at risk.”

He continued: “We will investigate.”


DHS hit back at the ridiculous claims against President Trump and said that they “flatly deny that there is any truth to the merits of Mr. Murphy’s claim.”

“The Department generally does not comment on the specifics of OIG referrals, but we flatly deny that there is any truth to the merits of Mr. Murphy’s claim,” the spokesman, Alexei Woltornist, said. “DHS looks forward to the results of any resulting investigation and we expect it will conclude that no retaliatory action was taken against Mr. Murphy.”

Schiff said that the panel will conduct a probe into alleged “grave” misconduct by both the White House and DHS officials.

“The whistleblower retaliation complaint filed by former Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy outlines grave and disturbing allegations that senior White House and Department of Homeland Security officials improperly sought to politicize, manipulate, and censor intelligence in order to benefit President Trump politically,” Schiff said in a statement. “This puts our nation and its security at grave risk.”

Democrats Are Out for Blood

Schiff was a leader in elevating the account of a whistleblower in the Trump impeachment case and Republicans quickly fought back.

“Yet another whistleblower complaint pushed into the limelight by Schiff, this one coming shortly before a presidential election – anyone who takes this at face value is ignoring Schiff’s long record of perpetuating hoaxes that are extremely similar to this,” a House Republican source told Fox News.

Unfortunately, it is not surprising at this point that top Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, are on this election interference hoax again.

Ironically, these are the same people who are actively battling to allow mail-in-voting for the 2020 presidential election – which has been shown to extremely increase voter fraud.


  1. If, and it’s a big IF, Trump wins the election, he should direct the DOJ to go after Schiff and Nadler with the intent of putting them in prison for SEDITION.

  2. Terrible damage is indeed being done to our national security, but the Russians have nothing to do with it. I would say that the Democrats (especially Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler) and their corrupt and lying propagandists in the media are doing are doing more damage to the national security than Putin could ever possibly hope to do in his wildest dreams. Start with a duly elected president and his new administration and superimpose coup attempt, after coup attempt after coup attempt and tell me that damage is not being done to every tenet of our Constitutional Republic. I am just hopeful that the damage being done by these corrupt politicians can be overcome when they are gone, which can’t come soon enough for me.

  3. Adam is such a worthless Schitt . He is so egar to make a name for himself he will continue with this farce . Of course he is doing only what Pelosi wants him to do to cause as much . He want to be a major player and this in his mind is much easier than actually doing anything that would benefit America or the American people .

  4. I can’t believe anyone with a brain would take this stuff from Shciff seriously he the one who needs to be impeached for being a known liar and for pulling this stuff as a distraction in an election year


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