73 Year Old Marine Beats the Living Day Lights Out of Would Be Robber, Leaves Him a Bloody Pulp


Frank Corti, a 73-year-old Marine, beats the daylights out of a would-be robber and leaves him into a bloody pulp. 24-year-old Gregory McCalium learned the hard way not to mess with a Marine.

McCalium had issues with Corti complaining about McCalium’s loud parties that included a lot of shouting, music, and screaming. McCalium had enough of the Marine infringing on his right to party.

McCalium, a bartender, foolishly decided to awaken Corti at 6:30 a.m. one morning by banging on the Marine’s door. Two hours later, McCalium tried to break into Corti’s residence, and the thug had a knife in his hand. However, McCalium had no idea that Corti was more than a Marine. Corti was an accomplished boxer. At age 16, he won the National Association of Boys’ Clubs Championship. 

The young man had no idea that the Marine was still at home with his wife, Margaret. Corti jumped into action and began to defend his and his wife’s life. Two round hooks later, McCalium ended up with a black eye and busted lip. Corti called the police to haul away the thug.

McCalium went to trial for attempted robbery. The criminal claimed that he had no recollection of the event. However, the judge found him guilty and sent him to jail for four-and-a-half years. The judge told him that the thug ‘got what he deserved.’ Whether the judge meant the jail sentence, beating, or both was not clarified.

John Simmons, the lawyer who successfully defended Corti, stated, “Photographs of the defendant showed what looked like a car accident and photos of the scene looked more like a murder scene.”

He also added, “The elderly and vulnerable people are entitled to demand the protection of courts from people like you (McCalium) who decide to take matters into your own hands and enter a property with a weapon.”

Corti described the attempted robbery. He saw the knife and grabbed McCalium by the wrists. After pinning the thug against the wall, the Marine realized that McCalium refused to drop the knife. Next thing McCalium knew were the two round hooks imploding into his face.

Corti concluded by saying, “If needed to, I would do it again.”

Young thugs should realize never, ever mess with a Marine! Especially if he is an accomplished boxer. 




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