60 Minutes Anchor Lesley Stahl Was WRONG, and Flat Out Lied…Here is The Truth

president trump stahl 60 minutes interview

Last week President Trump sat down with reporter Lesley Stahl for an interview on 60 Minutes. During the interview, Stahl accused the President of lying about the Obama-Biden administration spying on his campaign in 2016. Trump insisted that it was true, and the mainstream media is “fake news” for not reporting these facts to the American people.

Stahl an enemy of the people

Over the years, President Trump has repeatedly called the mainstream media “fake news” and “the enemy of the people” for pushing Left-wing talking points and shielding Democratic candidates from controversy. They show open disdain for our great President and some of their childish behavior shows complete disrespect for the office he holds.

Regardless, the President never backs down from an interview and he continues to tackle all of their malicious questioning head on, unlike some other candidates out there. I’m looking at you Sleepy Joe. In the clip below, you will see Lesley Stahl call out the President after he accuses the Obama-Biden administration for spying on his campaign. Stahl claims that is “unverified.”

Maybe Lesley Stahl and her team over at 60 Minutes didn’t get the memo about Operation Crossfire Hurricane. The FBI investigation took place between 2016 and 2017 using electronic and human surveillance to gather information about Trump campaign staff to determine whether or not they had links to Russian officials.

President Trump was right

The Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General has confirmed that the Obama-Biden administration spied on the Trump campaign. The 478 page report documenting the operation was released almost a year ago. So either 60 Minutes is completely ignorant, or they have a clear anti-Trump agenda.

I suspect it’s the latter of the two. Inside the report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz verified that investigations uncovered abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that was used to surveil Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. The FBI had access to Carter Page’s electronic correspondences, which contained sensitive Trump campaign information. The report went on to specifically state that the FBI had accessed Trump campaign communications.

Lesley Stahl also claimed Joe Biden is not a part of any ongoing scandal. Wow, the mainstream media really are hoping that Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell will just magically disappear. Trump rightfully called out the media’s hypocrisy.

As soon as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke, reporters caught up with Joe Biden on the campaign trail. Their first question for the presidential candidate in the middle of a huge scandal was, “what kind of ice cream did you order?” Wow. That’s some hard hitting journalism there.

joe biden eats ice cream presidential campaign 2020

Breaking: Sleepy Joe loves ice cream

Twitter took their Left-leaning sentiments a step further. When the New York Post first broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, the tech giant blocked all links to it. They even went so far as to suspend any accounts that shared the story, including the account belonging to the New York Post.

This censorship is clearly a desperate attempt to save Biden’s campaign in the final days before the election. The contents of Hunter’s laptop has been independently confirmed to be authentic.

Besides the pictures of Hunter’s drug use and sexual misconduct, the hard drive also contains emails between Hunter Biden and business associates, tying Joe Biden to multiple deals with foreign companies where he leveraged his position as Vice President to secure millions of dollars.

The presidential election is just days away and Trump is fighting harder than ever to win his second term. He’s been holding three rallies a day in key swing states.

Joe Biden has been mysteriously quiet, dodging any questions about his million dollar deals with Ukraine, China and Russia. Meanwhile, reporters like Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes continue brushing these critical stories under the rug and lying to the American people.


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