5yr Old Girl Becomes Her Mother’s Hero When Unexpected Medical Emergency Arises

medical emergency

A five year old girl has become a hero after her quick actions saved her mother’s life during an unexpected medical emergency.

Thanks to five year old Adalynn, her mom is still alive today.

Adalynn’s mother, Chelsey Chmielewski, was just going about her day when all of a sudden she started to feel that something was wrong.

Chelsey was suffering from a stroke, and her husband was at work.

Although Adalynn could not read or write, she could comprehend the fact that something was wrong with her mother.

Speaking with Fox 6 Now, the five year old said that she understood how to call her dad because of ’emojis.’

After seeing that her mom was going through a medical emergency, Adalynn dialed her father’s phone number to tell him that her mom needed help getting up. She ended up leaving multiple voicemails for him to “please get home quickly.”


“I said, ‘Hurry up, get home,’” Adalynn said.

Adalynn’s father could tell something was seriously wrong because of the back-to-back phone calls. He listened to his daughter’s voicemails, and immediately left work, headed home, and dialed 911.

“She was having a blockage and possible stroke,” said Tim Holzhauer of the Hartford, Wisconsin Fire Department.

Because of her daughter’s actions, Chelsey is now on the road to recovery. She hopes that their story will inspire parents to speak to their children about what to do in case of an emergency.

“I’m forever grateful, and extremely, as her mother, I’m very proud of her,” she said.