5 Left Wing Terrorists Get Sentenced for the Crime They Committed During ‘Peaceful Protests’ LOOK at Their Faces


Call Ripley. Believe it or not, five left-wing radical arsonists were actually sentenced for their crimes. A standard “peaceful protest” defense didn’t work this time. If you thought they looked shocked when their mug shots were taken, you should have seen them at sentencing. That’s when these domestic terrorists learned they’re being billed for a police car they torched.

Sentenced to jail

When Americans question “do we have laws anymore or not?” The answer is “sometimes.” A vast majority of peaceful arsonists and looters have been allowed to roam free and face no consequences. That’s not so for these particular Black Lives Matter™ Antifa® associates.

Not only were they rounded up and arrested, this BLM brigade was actually prosecuted, tried, found guilty, and sentenced. Not for domestic terrorism or insurrection though, only run of the mill conspiracy and arson.

George Floyd’s murder was only an excuse for violence and mayhem to these five Georgia anarchists. They used a peaceful demonstration as cover for an arson attack.

This organized unit of antifa supplied irregulars specifically targeted the cruiser of an off duty cop and were convinced they could get away with it, like every other arsonist in BLM’s army. They never dreamed a day would come when they would be sentenced. Didn’t George Soros buy all the prosecutors?

Ranging in age from 21 to 24, Bruce Thompson, Jesse James Smallwood, Delveccho Waller, Jr., Dashun Martin, and Judah Coleman were sentenced for conspiracy and arson. All are residents of Gainesville, Georgia.


On June 2, 2020, around 1:00 a.m., they allegedly fired a flare gun through the back window of the marked patrol car, while it was parked outside the officer’s residence, in an apartment complex.

Reckless disregard for safety

As argued by prosecuting federal attorney Kurt Erskine, these “defendants sought out and intentionally destroyed a police vehicle using the cover of legitimate peaceful protest.”

If it was parked at a curb outside a shop they were looting they would be free as birds right now. He even argued that they should be sentenced to jail. “The criminal conduct of these defendants showed a reckless disregard for the safety of others.”

Torching a 2018 Ford Explorer, with Gainesville Police Department decals plastered all over it, is considered a no-no. While most anarchists aren’t actually sentenced for breaking laws they don’t believe in, this group is special. According to Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish, they “want our community to know we stand with them during their rights to peacefully protest. However, these defendants did not peacefully protest.”


It was a violent ambush. Each and every one of the conspirators got “over a year in prison with three additional years of supervised release.” What really ruined their day was the judge also ordered them to “pay the Gainesville Police Department $3,678.17 in restitution.”

The main thing that got this group sentenced, for doing the same thing which others got a free pass on, is because they went out of their way to “target one of our officers at his residence.” That’s a line which can’t be crossed lightly. “This type of violence and destruction will not be tolerated in our community.”

The dirty bleepards “met in the parking lot of a pharmacy located near downtown Gainesville and sought out the patrol vehicle.” They made sure to “put on masks and bandanas over their faces before shooting a flare inside the vehicle through the rear windshield, setting the vehicle on fire.” They won’t do that again.