5 Dead, Including Police Officer, in Possible Coronavirus Panic Assault

Kum & Go Shooting
Photo via CBS News Video Screenshot

While a recent shooting in Springfield, MO is still being investigated, it very much looks like the shooting could be related to coronavirus panic.

According to local reports, Joaquim S. Roman, 31, ran into a local Kum & Go and opened fire.

When the dust settled, three civilians and one police officer were dead.

Coronavirus Panic or Robbery Attempt?

Late Sunday night, reports went out on local scanners that a shooting was taking place.

Local reports stated that a man had driven right through the front of a Kum & Go and started to open fire.

Police were quick to respond, with both initial officers getting shot as they tried to subdue the shooter.

More officers soon showed up, pulling the wounded officers from the scene.


When they went inside, they found three additional victims of the shooter.

One of the officers, who has since been identified as Christopher Walsh, died at the hospital.

The shooter is believed to have turned the gun on himself, accounting for the fifth death.

The question here is whether or not this was just a random robbery/shooting or if this event was triggered by the panic the media is trying to create.

And the hysteria goes all the way to the Democrat presidential candidates.

I say this not as a Trump supporter, but as someone that simply expects that during a crisis such as this, nothing but the truth is stated.

Sunday night, Joe Biden stated that the WHO offered testing kits when the pandemic first hit and they were refused.

Today, during the coronavirus update, it was made known no coronavirus testing kits were ever refused.

The testing kits the WHO had available were general-purpose testing kits, so Biden blatantly lied… again.

This is dangerous because his statement got all the press and the correction surely will not.

We have presidential candidates who are lying to the American people on a grand scale simply to score points.

Their desire to regain power is so extreme they would rather create massive panic during a health crisis than simply admit this administration has gotten it right.

We can only hope voters see through their charade when it comes time to pull the handle on election day.


  1. Can anyone explain to me why a person might go on a shooting spree just because of the corona virus-it’s a ridiculous assumption. Unless the guy went to the same Kum & Go for toilet paper and discovered they were out of it because of the corona virus. Political Correctness has made it impossible for the authorities to determine a real reason for any particular crime. Every time someone shoots at someone else, the authorities stand around, scratching their asses and wondering why such a thing happened. It’s disgusting because often the grounds for the crime is obvious to everyone but the authorities.

  2. Politicians are the worst… People used to knock other people by calling them, car salesman. Well, it is past time to change that description to politicians. Especially democrat politicians, they are the worst of the worst.

  3. The lying DemonRAT politicians and their evil lying puppets in the lamestream media won’t be happy unless they can cause many more tragedies like this!! They are an opportunity to try to bring Trump down, especially since their previous attempts over the past 3+ years have failed!! They know that there’s no way they can beat him at the polls, especially with a scumbag criminal like Biden and blatant Communist like Sanders as their only hope!! Anyone who casts a vote for ANY DemonRAT politician on election day is an idiot!!!

  4. I have tried to spread the word that the way the CDC is calculating the covid-19 mortality rate is not the same way they calculate the flu mortality rates. The difference is that with the flu they use hospitalization rates to estimate total infections, then apply it based on age demographics. Meaning, if 3 people come into the hospital with the flu, they assume 97 did not, as historically they know that only 3% have systems that need medical attention. Then they use 100 as the total count and divide the number of people that died by the total infections. For covid-19, they are using the 3 people that came into the hospital for the count, not the 100 total infections estimated. That pushes covid-19 rate 97% higher than it should be when comparing it to the flu. Then they take the age demographics, say those older than 81 make up 50% of the deaths, but only make up 5% of the population. For the flu, they would only count 5% of those in the total infections so that the mortality rate would be averaged over the population. For their covid-19 rates, they are totally ignoring age demographics.

    The problem her is that they are comparing it to the flu, which is calculated much different. They need to calculate them the same, as not doing so is extremely unethical. We need an expert to very this and someone needs to call them out on this if this is true.


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