4 BLM Thugs Arrested For Murder After FATAL Shooting

murder shooting arrest sumter sc

Two Sumter County men are charged with murder and two others with accessory in connection to a fatal shooting Friday on Broad Street, officials say. Black on black crime is out of control in cities across the US, but still BLM calls for defunding the police departments.

BLM goons charged with murder

According to officials with the Sumter Police Department, Alki Williams, 27, of Mayesville was driving just after 5 p.m. on Broad Street, when a white vehicle drove up beside him between Milton and Morgan avenues and opened fire at Williams.

Williams was pronounced dead at the scene where his car stopped in a business parking lot at 286 Broad St.

Christopher Fordham, 23, of Sumter, and his girlfriend, Alexus Hawkins, 20, also of Sumter and the owner of the white car involved in the shooting, were initially charged Friday with possession with intent to distribute marijuana after a quantity of drugs and money were found in a residence.

As officers continued to gather information in the case, they were able to determine Hawkins did not take part in and had no knowledge of the shooting. However, Fordham and Travion Blackwell, 21, of Manning, were found to be the driver and passenger inside the white car as the shots were fired.

murder shooting arrest sumter

Criminal thugs terrorize the city streets

Both were charged with murder on Tuesday. Officers say Fordham and Blackwell received help from associates after the shooting.

Officials say Christopher Malek Mickens, 24, of Sumter, provided the suspects with another vehicle and was charged Monday with accessory after the fact. Officers say Raishard York, 21, of Manning, created an alibi for one of the suspects and was charged Tuesday with accessory after the fact.

All were booked at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. An investigation is ongoing as police work to determine what led to the shooting. Police believe there could be possible ties to gang activity.


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