14 Dems Break Ranks, Side With GOP


At least a few of today’s progressives aren’t afraid to agree with the other side when they’re right, instead of mindlessly standing shoulder-to-shoulder in unquestioning solidarity. A coalition of 14 Democrats who support the defense of our nation “broke ranks and signed onto the Republican amendment.”

Dems on the right side

The House Armed Services Committee has a reputation as a hotbed of Democrats. When they approved a GOP sponsored amendment to boost defense spending, liberal analysts almost choked on their coffee. A total of 14 of the committee’s Democrats crossed over to the right side to make it happen.

Mike Rogers came up with the plan and he’s thrilled. “The bipartisan adoption of my amendment sends a clear signal: the President’s budget submission was wholly inadequate to keep pace with a rising China and a re-emerging Russia.”

Thanks to the DINO Democrats, the Pentagon won’t have to turn over the furniture cushions looking for spare change to buy bullets with. The package pumps in “nearly $25 billion” to help keep America safe. For a change, one side of the aisle didn’t dominate the discussion.

Rogers hopes “this bipartisan, and now bicameral, move is understood by the Biden-Harris administration. The defense of our nation will not be shortchanged by Congress.” He was sure to praise his cooperative “colleagues for adopting this amendment to support the men and women who serve in our armed forces.”

One of the great things about the amendment is that it factors in inflation. The way Joe Biden has been lighting money on fire has sent the cost of goods and gas skyrocketing.

Rogers made sure to tack in a provision to keep the Pentagon on the plus side no matter how much inflation Biden creates. “The amendment ensures defense spending growth of 3% above inflation, providing $778 billion in total defense spending in fiscal year 2022.” That’s a $37.5 billion raise from last year.


Prepared with resources

One of the ranking Democrats to join the other side, Committee vice chair Elaine Luria, points out, without “additional resources, we will lose another generation of shipbuilding in this country, and we will be less prepared to defend both the U.S. and our allies’ interests.” That’s not workable.

By passing the measure, the Navy can renovate three “aging cruisers” and build a bunch more. Rogers provided “billions in funding for more shipbuilding.”

Even the Democrats concede that we “cannot afford to cut corners and play politics with our national security.” Especially with the totally unstable situation going on in Afghanistan.

We just handed over billions worth of heavy duty firepower to the Taliban and ISIS. No matter which side you’re on, it’s easy to see that Biden’s “proposed defense budget for FY22 was wholly inadequate.”

If Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat side of the fence had it their way, it would have left “our men in women in uniform in a vulnerable position and projected weakness to our adversaries.”

Weakness is one thing that we cannot display at this point. China, Russia, Iran, even Kim Jong Un are waiting for Biden to blink. Americans are waiting for him to open his eyes and act like he’s alive.