10 Ways to Make BANK During the Pandemic

make bank
make bank

We are going through the worst pandemic since 1918, and there really isn’t anyone anywhere that hasn’t felt the negative effects of it. The economy in particular has been devastated and even if you don’t have family members you have lost, you still have to worry about your finances. However, don’t fret.

As a go-getting entrepreneur, there are still a number of ways for you to “make bank” and help keep yourself afloat financially. Take a look at these ten ways:

Take a look at businesses that are being boosted BECAUSE of the current climate.

Even though the ship has probably sailed on investing in businesses that make hand sanitizer, there are still plenty of business ventures that you can begin. For example, now that many areas are easing up on the lockdown, you could begin a cleaning service business.

How about E-learning? Because of this lockdown, there are even brick-and-mortar colleges that are going online. There is now a renewed interest in webinars and other forms of online learning. You also could do business ventures with entertainment apps, virtual healthcare, supply-chain logistics, contactless technology, and even investing in digital wallet technology.

Sell your extra items around the house.

Many individuals were in a decluttering phase even before the pandemic hit. Many professionals were simply tired of wasting their time looking for misplaced items, and they had too. much. stuff.

It was too big of a distraction. Since you have a need to be efficient and you have too much stuff, why not use this to your advantage? For example, you can sell plenty of used electronics on sites such as uSell or Gazelle. This would even work with damaged electronics! Do you have too many clothes? Sell them on thredUP or Poshmark. Moreover, there are plenty of online venues where you can sell your furniture or your books and collectibles.

Do a part-time gig.

No, it’s not the most glamorous thing that you could do to make extra money, but one of the ways you could improve your finances during this pandemic would definitely be in finding a part-time gig. Doing such things as stocking shelves, running a register, or delivering items to customers can offer you a large degree of flexibility during this difficult time.

Consider doing childcare.

There is no question that the pandemic has turned everything on its head. One of these areas would have to be childcare. In many cases, parents still have to go to work, but what do they do about their kids? You could help these parents out in a number of different ways. First of all, you could start your own childcare service.

However, you should be aware that there can be a significant amount of red tape. However, if you stay below a certain number you could do it without any licensing requirements. Another way to get around it would be through simply just watching kids in the parents’ own home.

Capitalize on your expertise.

If you have in-demand skills or expertise, you should put them to good use! If you are a lawyer, accountant, mechanic, or even an antique appraiser, you could potentially make a small fortune on a site such as JustAnswer. Even if you don’t have one of these skills, you still could find freelance work at FlexJobs or PeoplePerHour.

Start running errands.

In this day and age of COVID-19, there are a lot of people who dread venturing out of their house. However, most people realize that they still need essential items such as food.

There is nothing wrong with delivering pizza. Along these same lines, there is nothing wrong with picking up a side hustle such as joining a delivery service such as DoorDash or InstaCart. Additionally, you could even expand this venture and become someone’s personal shopper.

Start sharing your opinion!

There are so many sites out there that would value your opinion. No, the extra money isn’t very much, but every drop in the bucket counts, right? Sites such as Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, or Swag Bucks all will pay you for your thoughts on various issues.

Start redeeming those reward points.

This one is a toughie, especially considering that most of the time these credit card rewards are good for travel-related expenses. However, if you don’t use them, you’re throwing your money away. But how do you use these rewards in the middle of a pandemic? Easy.

Luckily for all of us, these credit card rewards can also be used for such things as subscriptions, identity protection, and other handy treats.

Take a hard look at your recurring expenses.

You probably are surprised that I mentioned this one, but this is much better than just killing time or binge watching something on Netflix or Hulu. No, getting your budget under control isn’t making you new money, but it is at least improving your passive income.

That is why you should take a look at all of your statements and see what needless expenses that you can eliminate.

Invest (Just do it wisely!)

Of course, this is another thing that you might be hesitant to do. However, if you want to avoid the stock market you can still invest in such things as bonds, CDs, or mutual funds. Still want to invest in stocks. That’s okay; just do it with stocks that have a reliable track record.


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